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Jan 11, 2009 02:04 AM

glass jars for the freezer?

I have some quantity of leftover chicken and beef stock and am out of 'normal' freezer containers.
How do old peanut butter or jelly or other glass containers stand up to freezing (of course allowing space for liquid expansion)?

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  1. Do you have zip lock bags? I'd do that before glass, but admit I've never attempted glass.

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    1. re: DGresh

      I agree with you and would have used a zip lock but outta of 'em.

      1. re: serious

        I have frozen food in glass jars with no problem. Just don't overfill because the stock expands and pushes the lid out.
        Vodka bottles can go in the freezer with no ill effects!!

    2. I freeze in jars, but I freeze them with no lid or a loose lid then tighten up after they are frozen solid.

      1. I've got a few mason jars in my freezer and they've been fine as long as the're not overfilled, and even then, it's fine. Ever hear of freezer jam ?

        1. I use the leftover glass jars from spaghetti sauce to freeze most of my stock. No problem as long as I leave plenty of room for expansion and defrost in a warm water bath -- there can be breakage if you try to defrost in the microwave.

          1. I've used glass peanut butter jars in the freezer for years, works great!