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Jan 11, 2009 12:03 AM

WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE and other beefy thoughts

Was going to hit Citrus but they're closed - kitchen remodel.

I was in a steak mood so I thought I'd try Wolfgang's. I've never been to Peter Lugers and this is supposed to be the same.

Got a reservation last minute and the place was hopping. The service was very good, very attentive and they give you the whole steakhouse spiel which was interesting.

Got the porterhouse for two.

Now, this was in some ways a great steak - prime, juicy, and tender. Maybe the most tender steak I've ever had. I tried eating it with just a fork - no can do, but still.

The taste? Very good. Best steak I've ever had? Certainly not bad, but I probably won't be back. (but I liked the German home fries or whatever they were called - crispy potatoes with bacon - potatoes and bacon? Is that the perfect food or what?). Don't know how they do it, but Dan Tana's really has a great steak. (the best is a friend who is managed to nail one thing - which is grilled meat. A dinner party at his house is always the same. Grilled meat, Florentine style. Great.)

The steamed asparagus at Wolfgang's would have been better if they were peeled. Which they weren't. So it was a little tough and string. So I just at the top half.

My date found the meat too fatty for her tastes. But that's what prime is.

You know would I would love? A steakhouse to end all steakhouses - now this is something I've done at dinner parties - I would buy four different kinds of steak - chianini beef, grass fed, corn fed, wagyu, etc. and compare them. Wouldn't it be great to go to a steakhouse that offers you a sampler plate - and instead of four, maybe ten pieces on a plate? One could be the same meat, but cooked ten different ways - in a pan finished with butter vs wood fired grill vs charcoal grill and finished in the insanely hot wood fired pizza oven/stove. And another sampler with all the different kinds of beef.

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  1. steak sampler platter! brilliant... i'd be there in a heartbeat.

    1. When's your next dinner party? Nice review. I've been meaning to try this place. Up to now, the best steak I've had is the Nebraska corn fed 16oz Rib-Eye at Cut. Fork only? No but close.

      1. Hi foodiemahoodie,

        Nice review. I found Wolfgang's Steakhouse about the same as you. Good steak, solid, but not a place I'm rushing to go back to.

        Love the idea about the Steak Sampler. :) The closest I've come to that is a "Beef Sampler" of sorts, part of Urasawa's amazing meal:

        We had Grade A5 Hokkaido Wagyu Beef cooked in a Hoba Leaf (amazing), then later on, it was part of a beautiful Shabu Shabu preparation, and finally as Sushi! The best Beef I've ever had.

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        1. re: exilekiss

          Where is Wolfgang's located in the city? Is it worth a try? I love steak!

          1. re: LadyintheKitchen

            Hi LadyintheKitchen,

            Wolfgang's Steakhouse is located in Beverly Hills on Canon Drive.

            As to whether it's worth a try, do a Search on the LA Board and you can read up on various Chowhounders' opinions about the place, and hopefully that'll give you enough insight to decide. Enjoy~

        2. Where did you get Chianini beef?

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          1. re: blackbookali

            Bel Air Prime Meats. You might call first and see if they still have it.

            They're pricey, so caveat emptor. He also ages his own beef - but it's not in the display case - it's hanging in the back. So if you want it, he'll have to cut off a piece for you.

          2. I also have to add that I only tried the Dabney Coleman once and thought it was quite mediocre.

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            1. re: blackbookali

              I had to snap myself out of my daydream about a "steak sampler" to ask about Citrus saying they were closed for a ktichen remodel. Did a real live person tell you this, or was this on an outgoing voicemail? I ask because I went to one of the opening events and saw the kitchen for myself. Apparently there were changes done when Michel Richard took over, so I hardly think they would need to remodel less than a year later. This sounds fishy to me.

              1. re: parmamom

                Just in case you want to go back into your daydream about a "steak sampler" - but actually see how it was done in reality by one of the LA hounds - then just check out Kevin H's tour de beef at Cut:

                A drool worthy review if ever there was one.

                1. re: Servorg

                  You know, when I was reading the original post, I had that exact link in mind to post. Then I scroll down to see that you've already beaten me to it lol. ;)

                  In any case, that was my second time doing the tasting, here's the first:

                  1. re: kevin h

                    Yeah, that's what we did at Cut.

                    Chianina beef - first had it in Tuscany - a friend bought it at a local butcher. And it was very tasty, but chewy, some of the least tender meat I'd ever had.

                    And it's supposed to be very tender, so go figure. Had some again (same trip) at a restaurant (can't remember the name, but it's in a walled city, has one or two Michelin stars - so that probably narrows it down to about 50!) and this time it was both delicious and tender.

                    I'll have to try it again - the dinner party concept. All I remember is that we all preferred corn fed Angus over grass. I don't remember how the Chianina fared (this was a few years back) it's possible I'm mistaken and we had something else altogether - (another Italian beef ) I'm pretty sure Bel Air had two to choose from - but that might have been a short term deal. Someone let us know!

                2. re: parmamom

                  I called a few times during the day and got a message that said mailbox was full (or something along those lines) - which made me try the number three times thinking I had somehow mis-dialed. I called around 5:30 and got someone who told me they were closed for kitchen remodeling. A real live person. What's the fishy part?

                3. re: blackbookali

                  Not sure what the Dabney Coleman is - but I'm talking about the New York.

                  1. re: foodiemahoodie

                    The Dabney Coleman is Dan Tana's menu name for the NY

                    1. re: blackbookali

                      Quite mediocre? Hm. Well, either you had it on a bad night (I've always found Dan Tan's food VERY consistent - which is mostly mediocre with one or two bright spots, the brightest being the N.Y. Steak), or we simply have different tastes (I see Mastro's is one of your five favorite restaurants in L.A. - really? The best five in L.A.? I have been to Mastro's four or five times - very good steak. But I definitely prefer the steak at Dan Tana's).

                      de gustibus non est disputandum

                      1. re: foodiemahoodie

                        Yeah, as Ive said, Ive only had the Dan Tana's steak once, but the night we ate, EVERYTHING WAS BAD except the Caesar salad. And at those prices I just never felt like going back again. Usually my favorite steak is the one I make at home which is dry aged but for some reason, wet aged, big ass steaks cooked on a high temp broiler really satisfy my steak fix. Mastros' meets those requirements so its big on my list. Best Steak I have ever had would be A5 kobe from Craftsteak in Vegas but I dont know if I would get that steak again, unless someone else was paying - part of the steakhouse experience for me is trying to demolish a monster size cut which A5 seldom is.