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Jan 10, 2009 10:21 PM

Bahn Mi - PDX

It's been a while since I've seen a Portland bahn mi update. One of my favorites, Cali Sandwiches seems to have abruptly closed. What do you all like in Portland - your favorite place(s) and your favorite sandwich(es) at said locations?


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  1. An Xuyen(sp?) has hands down the best baguettes for banh mi. I havent ever had an actual sandwich from here but it gets plenty of run and the bread is stellar.

    my personal favortite is Best Baguette. there is one on Cedar Hills Blvd. in Beaverton and one over in SE somewhere. The Saigon Bacon and Pork skin sandwiches are my favorite.

    1. Agree about Best Baguette...82ns & Powell.

      Cali's closing is not so abrupt. In its final year of operation the ownership changed. Over that time the product & service went downhill. They refused to sell me just a sandwich, insisting I buy some sort of combo with a gross potato salad. I never returned.

      1. I think that Binh Minh (SE Powell & 78th, also at NE Bway at 68th) makes the best banh mi in town, and I like that for a little bit more (I think 50 cents) you can get extra meat on your sandwich. My faves there are the special, and the meatball. They also have good pate chaud.

        An Xuyen makes a good special too, and also has pate chaud.

        I like the bbq pork and the Saigon bacon sandwiches at Best Baguette, and you can't get those kind at either An Xuyen or Binh Minh, but I don't think that they make the best banh mi. If you are in Beaverton, though, Best Baguette is better than Tan Tan, your other option there.

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          i stopped in today at binh minh on NE Bwy/68th and had a veggie bahn mi for $2.50 - delicious! on the small side, but for $2.50 i can't complain.

          1. re: aahnnt

            I'd bet for 50 cents more they'd up the veggie/tofu portion as well. ;o)

            1. re: JillO

              thats highly probable. Best Baguette does double meat for a buck, but its truly double, and their sandwiches are larger to begin with. Even for a double meat at BB its still only 3.95. I would say that its one of the best sandwich deals in town.