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Jan 10, 2009 08:59 PM

Calgary - Suggestions for group lunch on a Monday

I'm organizing from afar a lunch for a pal who just got engaged, and would appreciate suggestions for a downtown restaurant that can accommodate a group of about 10. Good food is the primary criterion. The only restaurant I can think of is Vintage Chop House, but noticed some not-so-favourable recent comments when I searched this board. I'm sure there are lots of choices, but none of the Calgary locals have come up with anything so far.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I'd like to suggest Divino's because I'm consistently happy with their food and service. However, I'm not sure if their main dining area can accomodate a party of about 10. You may want to call and check as they may have private rooms or may be able to arrange something in the main dining area.

    For sure, I know Muriettas can accomodate a party of 10. However, I can't vouch for the food. I used to go there all the time but then I noticed their quality started slipping after Ned Bell left. I haven't been back there for about 2 years. However, recently, I have heard from friends that it is actually pretty decent again. Maybe other chowhounders can comment on the recent quality of the food at Muriettas.

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      would definitely like to hear bout muriettas... always wanted to try, but my friends don't want to go... hmm... i guess i need new friends? ;)

    2. In addition to Divino's, I would also suggest either Mango Shiva or Blink.

      1. Centini has a private room, but not sure if they'll open it for lunch.

        1. I'll second Divino's and Centini, I've eaten at both quite a few times and have never been disappointed. I'll agree Murrieta's has slid over the years and Vintage never really got going in my mind. Buchanan's (3rd Ave & 7th St SW) has a private room and does a great lunch service. I'm not sure about lunch at Chef's Table, but it's just outside downtown on Memorial and 10a Street NW... if they do lunch it would be an excellent choice. River Cafe also does lunch but I believe they are currently closed for the month of January.

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            Chef's Table is closed for lunch for the winter (or so).

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              Thanks everyone. I made a reservation at Divino.

            2. The original comment has been removed