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Jan 10, 2009 06:51 PM

Restaurant Wedding?

Hi there...
We're entertaining having a restaurant wedding in Edmonton (guest list 60-75 people). Looking for something with nice, modern decor and cozy. I've heard Murrieta's on Whyte has potential, but taking any and all suggestions. We thought about Culina, but it's too small :(

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  1. any stipulations on type of food? cost? want to have the whole restaurant?

    1. I say cut down the guest list (but not me) and go to Culina! ;-p

      1. OK, in all seriousness:

        Il Portico would've been perfect - but it's closed. ;-(

        La Boheme?

        Sorrentino's downtown is cool.

        Fairmont Macdonald Wedgewood Room?

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          I would say Characters, they have fantastic private rooms downstairs (not sure if they would be big enough), but the main space would be beautiful for a wedding, complete with couches and a fireplace My other thought would be The Blue Pear, but I am not sure if it is big enough. Madison's might be worth checking into as well.

          are you wanting a stand up reception b4? something like Lux or Von's could accommodate stand up in their lounge and then sit down in the resto.

          there are some great italian places like Allegro or La Violino (high end prices & decor) or Il Pasticcio that would do a great family style wedding. Also Pazzo Pazzo has great food, laid back family style decor & service.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            these are all great suggestions. we're trying to stick to a resonable budget, and yes, something that has standup/sitdown potential. type of food is not super important, but not charging additional coin for reserving a private room or large function would be. i'll look into some of these too.
            unless we end up at city hall, you won't be cut alau :)

        2. One of my good friends works at Sorrentino's on the southside, and he mentioned to me the other day that he is always serving parties in a private room there. Might be worth a call.

          1. Unheardof on Whyte has a special room for this...but i'm not sure how many they can accomodate....they have a website i'm sure you can find info there...