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Jan 10, 2009 06:13 PM

best east village pizza

new to the neighborhood, looking for a great pizza spot (besides una pizza) that preferably delivers. anyone have any favorites?

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  1. Luzzo's (but crust often lacks salt, and might get a bit soggy on the way there, but the topping combinations are quite interesting)
    Vinny Vincenz (the regular pie is better when ordered well-done, the square pizza is very good)
    Artichoke (are they delivering yet? I don't like the artichoke or regular slices that much, only the square)

    Never been really happy with Muzzarella or Lil' Frankie's. Pizza Shop has whole wheat crust, which is different, but not really comparable to the others. It's decent enough.

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      The Pizza Shop offers a whole wheat crust, but I've only had the traditional crust. I definitely recommend it--it's my current favorite pizza in the city, and as a native New Yorker I have high standards. My favorite is their special Melanzane--fried eggplant, ricotta and fresh basil. It's the closest a pizza has come to bringing me to tears...fresh garlic, spinach, and grilled chicken is also delicious. Delivery takes a while, but I usually pick my pizzas up.

    2. Depends where in EV you are but I like Posto (thin crust) and Muzzarella -- good plain, good square.

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        As other replies have noted Gruppo is another option (sister restaurant of Posto).

      2. Stromboli is pretty good, not sure about delivery.
        We also sometimes go to Gruppo for super thin crust, but it's definitely better in the restaurant than delivered.

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          Stromboli is OK to good for the margherita ONLY. Every other type of slice I've tried has been far inferior to the margherita.

          To tekno: I've never gotten pizza delivery here, but my last experience with Luzzo's was VERY BAD (totally rotten salad I sent back, just OK pizza). I think the best pizza I've had in the neighborhood recently was at Cacio e Vino, but I have no idea whether they deliver.

          1. re: Pan

            Although some thought it was quite good when it opened and then went downhill, while others havent ever liked it, several trusted folk have told me that Luzzo isnt good now. But did I listen??? Nope. So, last night 3 of us went and had dinner. We wont be back.

            The pizza was adequate (ok ham, nice arugula, ehh cheese, very bland tomato sauce, ehh crust) but nothing more. How you can get this mediocrity from a coal oven is a mystery. The fried artichoke app. was ok. The silver anchovies were good but nothing that cant be bought anywhere else. Neither had any presentation or creativity or added value, each sitting on a "bed" (ok a lump) of greenery on a plate, period. The caesar salad would be a disaster in any diner... iceberg lettuce, watered down tasteless dressing, bad croutons. The pasta dish (paparadelle with sausage)was small for the price but was the best of everything we ordered, although not as good as a dozen other Village places. The wine didnt suck but came from a $6 retail bottle for $9/glass. Bottom line: I didnt like it. At all.

        2. I don't think Artichoke is delivering yet, but it's my favorite pizza in the east village (when the line isn't too long). The artichoke slice shouldn't be missed. Also great is Gruppo, on Ave. B and 13th; very thin crust with fresh ingredients and great custom choices. They do deliver, but I recommend calling if the food hasn't arrived with in 30 minutes because they forgot my order once.

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          1. re: squiff1

            Totally agree on Gruppo - but agree with the poster that said it is best enjoyed in the restaurant (as most pizza is)....and the place itself is nice and laid back, with an affordable wine list to enjoy with your pie. enjoy!

            1. re: squiff1

              Yup re Gruppo. Great pizza, but the one time I called for delivery, I walked over after about 45 minutes and found it sitting cold on the counter.

              1. re: douglas525

                Another vote for Gruppo if you want a thin crispy crust and room to sit down. I'm also a big fan of Artichoke's Sicilian square pie, but not so much the actual Artichoke pizza.

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                  Gruppo and Posto are very good and I've never had delivery issues.

                  1. re: D...DF

                    Another data point that deliveries (frequent!) have been fine.

              2. Two Boots on Ave A and 2nd (not sure, within a block or two) has a style that's a bit off the beaten path. Good for a change of pace once in a while. But I've been disappointed ever since they removed the green jalapeno-flavored slice from their menu. I've been to the one on Ave A and 7th Ave, and neither one has that anymore.

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                1. re: nooyawka

                  I never got in to Two Boots. Pizza is messy enough without having to worry about wiping cornmeal crumbs off of your lap. However, I do know plenty of people who rave about it.