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Jan 10, 2009 06:06 PM

Best Korean BBQ in HK?

havent seen any mentioned on this board.. are there any good ones in Hong Kong?

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  1. I think the general consensus is Sorabol at Lee Theatre behined Times Square.

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      I stopped going to Sorabol as the quality of food and service have gone significantly down hill (especially the service).

    2. han ah rum in causeway bay plaza - excellent galbi in partic, and more generous with meat (quality) than sorabol. sorabol is still fine and was pretty much the pioneer of quality korean bbq (as opposed to the ubiquitous all-you-can eat places), but nowadays easily trumped by the likes of han ah rum and kaya (russell st, opp. times sq.).

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        ahh great, thanks for the info! its been quite some time since ive actually had Korean food in HK(my gf is Korean so having Korean food in HK is not usually a priority), but will be sure to check han ah rum if we are ever in the mood! where is the location?

      2. my favorite korean restaurants in hk are surprisingly all on hk island. arirang is my favorite for overall korean food. but kaya and sorabol are also very good. arirang is good because it has the best ssambab in hk. ssambab is a variety of raw greens used to wrap rice, meat, fish, whatever. it is healthy, and you can use this to wrap the bbq.

        kaya has improved dramatically since i last tried it, and it has the best kimchi jigae of the three.

        sorabol is good for the korean tenderloin, which they fly in every tuesday i think. so go there on wed/thu for that.

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          While I used to like Sorabol a lot, I stopped going there since I was introduced to awesome (and expensive) Korean beef in Seoul. These days I go to Miga (Goldmark Plaza in CWB) or Yee Hua Won (Sheung Wan) with my Korean colleagues.

          1. re: Peech

            i've tried yee hua won. not bad for a set lunch. my favorites are arirang and kaya. but in central, secret garden i the bank of america bldg is pretty good all around. i like the samgyeobsal (pork belly).

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              sorry to move off topic, but I was wondering if you could share any of the Korean beef places in Seoul ? I may be visiting there soon and wouldnt mind trying it out!

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                Please start a new thread for Seoul recommendations. The board is the Greater Asia board:

                Thank you!

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                  i have just started one: Korea Food Journey: CNY Edition...

          2. Myung Ga at WTC is worth a visit and their price is reasonable.