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Jan 10, 2009 05:18 PM

Gott Gourmet

New all natural made from scratch sandwich shop on Magazine and 8th. Has anyone tried it? I just found the menu online and it sounds fantastic. Especially the new weekend breakfast menu.

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  1. I have tried it. It's very good for sandwiches, if a touch expensive. I've sampled the St. Patty's Day Massacre (pretty tasty but huge and could stand to lose 2-3 ingredients, like the fries and one of the cheeses), the Cuban (ditto on too many competing flavors), a breakfast sandwich that I could only eat half of, and a massive breakfast burrito with chorizo that was very good. I guess the serving sizes are commensurate with the prices, but sometimes I'd just as soon not have to take a doggie bag. Maybe they do half sandwiches? It's nice to have another place that does real hot dogs too. And it seems to be popular; it's been busy both times I've been.

    1. We ate there last week. The Quster Panini was great, the St. Patty's Day Massacare was great. The service was kind of brusque, and I have to wonder why a place that claims to be sustainable would serve their drinks in a go-cup (albeit a highly biodegradable plastic made from cornstarch cup). I have a problem with businesses claiming to be sustainable as a marketing ploy. Perhaps they are recycling, and buying local, too ... Maybe I'm just a cynic.

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        Didn't care for this place at all. Sandwiches were not overly creative, and not very well done. The St. Patty's was everything AND the kitchen sink, with no regard for whether any of the components complemented the others. Very little atmosphere or uniqueness, and it was extremely overpriced. 10.50 for a fairly small sandwich and no sides is highway robbery.

        Plus the "green" gimmick is really starting to wear thin in general, and as has been noted here, Gott's is clearly a gimmick.