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Jan 10, 2009 05:11 PM

which vegas sushi is best?

we cannot decide between Kaizen, Raku and Okada. Why would you pick one of these? thanks in advance....also why wouldn't you pick them...

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  1. Ive always swung by Kaizen.. only because its really tasty.. nice wait staff. If you do get the Scallops, make sure you tell them NO HOT SAUCE. They seem to think that hot sauce enhances these little guys.

    The indian place in the shopping center is really good as well. Owner told me that the chef is from london

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    1. re: ibrown

      does it matter which Kaizen you eat ?

    2. raku = 0 sushi
      Okada = $$$$$$$
      kaizen = ???
      Sen = $$$$

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      1. re: kjs

        kjs what is you favorite and why? thanks