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Jan 10, 2009 04:55 PM

MacKay Place Restaurant (Millarville)

Have any Chowhounds been there yet? We dropped by today as we had to go out to Turner Valley. The staff were very friendly and let us wander around -- the home has been nicely restored plus there's some fascinating abandoned cabins on the property. Apparently, there's a couple of resident ghosts hanging around as well.

They claim the food is excellent; so is it? Looks like a great place to drive out to for dinner during the summer when the days are longer.

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  1. I wasn't impressed. I went there for "brunch" today. Brunch turned out to be the same menu as they always have.

    1. I quite liked it. Food was above average for Calgary and area, and the location is gorgeous. See my attached blog post with photos.

      1. i am disappointed. i went there last week and it sure wasnt the same as it was before they closed over xmas holidays. me n my brother were there 2x last year and it was great. the chilli was my fav and my bro loved the pot pie. we are not huge into meat so these options worked perfectly for us. i went there last week and the server told me that the old chefs got into a car accident before xmas and they didnt come back. now apparantly theres some 19 yr old girl working there and shes the only line cook. man was i disappointed. sorry to turn you folks off but this place has gone dowwwwwwwn hill! peace out!

        1. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at MacKay Place Restaurant tonight. Foster, our server, was friendly and knowledgable. We had read the other blogs about MacKays but decided to make up our own minds and we are very glad that we did. We met the chef, Amanda, and she is young - but she obviously has a passion for food as the flavours of the various dishes were delighful and the presentation of all of the dishes was very well done. This chef knows what she is doing! I had the smoked trout antipasto and I have not had better anywhere ( I wanted to lick the plate!). I had the stuffed chicken for my entree and it was tender and very flavourful. My husband had the pork ribs and could not eat all of them as the serving was a large portion. He really enjoyed them. We shared a dessert of chocolate cookies sandwiched with frangelico ice cream and it was just right to end our meal. We chose the house wine which is Fuzion from Argentina - I had the white - light and fruity with a lemon after taste and my husband had the red which was very mellow. Our server, Foster, had been to the winery and told us about his trip there - interesting. The surroundings are delightfully old fashioned and we will return. We also enjoyed conversations with the other folks who were dining in the "living room". We recommend this restraurant.

          1. I have been to the Mackay Place many times since its been open, and i have got to say since they opened back up after the christmas break, the restaraunt has had a different impact on me for sure, in a good way! the meals keep getting better and better!
            our server, alex, told us that there was a new chef, and me and my husband can't get over how talented this girl must be, the meals are so well decorated, and each plate must take alot of concentration and effort! my favorite meal is the stuffed chicken, the filling is just to die for! and my husband enjoys the flatiron steak, what man doesn't! i would definatly be back more often, and i would definatly recommend this restaraunt to anyone!