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Jan 10, 2009 04:47 PM

Kosher Packaged Fresh Pasta

I thought I remember reading somewhere that some debuted at the KosherFest. Any chance it's available anywhere yet?

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  1. Ask your rabbi according to at least some very respected poskim pasta does not need a hasgacha

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    1. re: mrmoose

      Wow. I have never heard that before. I have only heard that plain rice noodles don't need hashgacha...never before referred to egg pasta though.

      1. re: hindyg

        I heard the same about regular pasta not needing a hechsher, but non-fresh regular pasta is not egg pasta; don't know about what you are calling egg pasta.

        1. re: queenscook

          Pasta Made with Egg - A lot of the fresh pastas are made with egg.

          1. re: hindyg

            Most of the companies that make fresh pasta also make fresh stuffed pasta with cheese or shellfish or even meat. So I'm not sure how it wouldn't need a hechsher.

            1. re: hindyg

              I think my comment was misunderstood. I understand what egg pasta is. What I was saying was that I heard that dry, non-fresh, plain-old, NON-egg pasta doesn't need a hechsher, but that I don't know if the same is true about fresh pasta, whether with eggs or without.

          2. re: hindyg

            Could you please share your source of information re. rice noodles? We have never been able to find kosher rice noodles, and the lack of a need for a hecksher may explain why. Pho, here I come!
            Thanks, p.j.

            1. re: p.j.

              I see kosher rice noodles in a lot of supermarkets (NYC)

              1. re: p.j.

                I see them often at my local kosher stores in Northern New Jersey. Usually just the vermicelli. If you look in a gluten free section of a store, you can often find other shapes of rice noodles with a hechsher.

                1. re: p.j.


                  I've had conflicting opinions from the RCC in Los Angeles- I'm trying to get it resolved for the same reason- pho. In the past, we've found rice stick in the vermicelli-style noodle under hechsher, but nothing in the broader noodles. Because the vermicelli style rice stick doesn't work well in pho, we've resorted to Chinese wheat noodles, inauthentic in our faux pho, but tastier than the previously mentioned rice stick, and in any case, it's faux becuse of lack of fish sauce. If indeed they come to the conclusion that any rice noodle is acceptable, then we'll be at least a bit more authentic.

                  1. re: ganeden

                    If you're near a Trader Joe's, I have seen rice pasta in spaghetti form with a hechsher. It's not a broad noodle, but it's a bit bigger than the vermicelli.

                  2. re: p.j.

                    I also have seen kosher rice noodles everywhere in NY, and agree that plain dried pasta does not need a hecksher (although it seems like almost all of them do anyway).

              2. no, but if you are looking for freshly made pasta with a Hashgacha, i've heard through the grapevine that Mike's Pizzeria (same owner as Mike's Bistro) is selling their own fresh pasta daily.

                1. The original comment has been removed