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Jan 10, 2009 04:46 PM

Kosher Prepared Pesto

Usually I have some homemade pesto on hand in my freezer...but was wonderfing if any of the storebought kosher pestos are any decent.

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  1. Dina's brand is pretty good. It comes frozen and it's parve so I usually add a little cheese.

    Sabra makes a refrigerated pesto and it's hit or miss. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it tastes bitter and old.

    1. I also find the Sabra brand decent.

      If you can do Milchig (and Cholov Stam), Paesana makes a dairy Pesto Sauce in a glass jar thats pretty good. Its under Chof K supervision.

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      1. re: Himishgal

        I've found the Sabra brand sour and a bit fibrous.

        1. re: GilaB

          It has an off flavor. But when it first came out the flavor was much better.

        2. re: Himishgal

          Where do you get this? I really like Paesana products (their marinara sauce is the best on the market, IMHO) and have not seen this one. Thanks!

          1. re: rebeccafriedman

            I found it at the Shoprite in Brooklyn.

            1. re: Himishgal

              ive actually been looking for a pesto sauce that is more mayonaissy. basically, the sauce bistro deli uses for their "bistro special" sandwiches. its a chicken sandwich, with grilled veg, and pesto sauce, but the sauce is mostly mayonnaise, i think. does anyone know where i can get something like that in a supermarket? ive tried using regular pesto and mixing it in mayonnaise, and it wasnt even close!

        3. Cholon (Holon?) a grocery store on Kings Highway in Brooklyn (around E 4th or E 5th St) sells fresh pesto that I think they make or get from someone who makes it fresh, not processed. i can't remember if they sell it refrigerated or frozen, but it is much better and fresher tasting than Sabra's pesto.