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Jan 10, 2009 04:40 PM

Red the steakhouse

We had a early dinner at Red the steakhouse this evening. It has only been open for two weeks, but you would never know.

The decor is beautiful, lots of red and black, great red bar and a VIP room that's glassed in with a black marble top table for ten. Beautiful!!!

We started with a roasted heirloom tomato and a house salad of greens, candied nuts, goat cheese and a rasberry dressing. The tomato lacked flavor but the salad was great!

Mains were a filet on the bone....exceptional. and seared tuna that just melted in my mouth. Sides of mushrooms and onions were fabulous.

Desert was a molten chocolate cake with ice cream that was also quite good.

We felt that the steak was far better than any we have had at Prime 112, and the service could not have been better. If this restaurant stays just as it is this will be another standout for South Beach.

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  1. good to know. I thought this place had potential because of its rep in cleveland. Was it crowded?

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    1. re: tpigeon

      We were there early, but as we were leaving the cars were pulling up. They said that they haven't been to busy yet, thankfully. They really have it all together. they had reps from the Cleveland restaurant helping and the service was as smoothe as silk.

      I must repeat how perfect the steak was....cooked med. rare as requested and melt in your mouth wonderful. Prime 112 has something to be concerned about, this restaurant has it all!

      1. re: dlgc

        I doubt P112 has much to worry about because people don't really go for the food (though I think the food, except for the steak is great) - they go to be seen.

        This is now number 1 on my list of new places I have to try...I hope they make it...