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Jan 10, 2009 04:30 PM

Anatolia, Boca Raton - Mediterranean

I was wondering if anyone has been here yet and what they thought of it. Thanks, :) (yes, I searched)

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  1. No.... but I would love to hear about it, if you go. Good mediterranean is hard to find... :)

    1. I came across this place by chance when I was next door at Board Riders. Atmosphere is warm and cozy, and they have an open view kitchen. I had the Gyro and it was excellent, but tasted different than any gyro I ever had. When I asked about it, the waitress told me they make it every morning from scratch with layers of sliced lamb instead of ground meat like most places and it was the only authentic way. Excelllent!

      1. My wife and I had lunch there just shortly after they opened. Karen had the gyro and thought it was very good. I had the calamari salad and while I though it was a little light on the squid for the price, it tasted excellent.

        It's a pleasant place for a meal and the staff as very accommodating. All in all a good restaurant experience . We'll have to try it for dinner some night.

        This makes two Turkish-style Mediterranean restaurants in the same area with Turquoise in the Royal Palm Plaza.

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          My husband, a few friends and I went there on New Year's Eve and the service was awful. We sat outside which was nice but nothing special. The hummus was pretty tasty. We had asked our waitress how big the salad was and she said it was a perfect sized appetizer for one person. It arrived an hour later and was enormous! 3 of us shared it. Our entrees came a half hour later. I had a gyro which was so-so. My husband had chicken kebab with yogurt. Not technically a kebab on a stick. It's chunks of chicken and bread in a yummy red sauce with a dollop of yogurt on top. That was good. My hubby thought it had too much bread. My friend had the same with beef instead of chicken and loved it. We spoke to the manager about the slow service and huge salad and expected her to deduct something from the bill but that didn't happen. We weren't going to return but my hubby and I had to last weekend. We went with his parents (they really wanted to try it.) This time all was perfect. We sat inside next to the sitar? player and he played at the perfect volume. They really redeemed themselves. The first night we were there was just hectic because of New Years. So, to sum things up, I would recommend it.

        2. I forgot I posted this LOL. So sorry and thank you for the replies.

          When we went for a meet up we didn't know they didn't have a liquor license yet. Since we were a larger group, they comped a bottle of red and white for the whole table (large bottles) which I thought was nice.

          The ones who ordered the lamb dishes loved theirs. My friend and I ordered the hot and the cold appetizer platters. All the dips, stuffed grape leaves, and hot apps were delicious. The only complaint I had was the fried zucchini. Too greasy (but it tasted good).

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            How could I forget to mention they don't (yet) have their liquor licsence?! For now it is BYOB.

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              Our party of 4 had an extraordinarily pleasant dinner dinner at ANATOLIA last night.We were promptly seated outside,as we requested, in the back courtyard (away from the noise and traffic),though the inside of the restaurant with a view of the busy,well kept kitchen also seemed very warm and welcoming. We started with Hummos which was fine and a different and wonderful order of crisply fried, breaded cauliflower with two long spicy fresh green peppers and a very tasty herb sauce. All of these was accompanied by warm, freshly baked Turkish bread and olives We all split a simple and fine (and large) Gypsy salad. Main dishes were also terrific...I had Hankar Begend..braised lamb chunks and vegtables over creamed eggplant blended with melted cheese..I don't know if it was perfectly authentic ,since i'd never tasted it before (nor seen it on the menu in other Turkish restaurants) but that seemed of little moment because it was of the best things I've had in a restaurant around here in a long time.We also had a whole fresh Bronzini,simply grilled with vegtables and a dish of bulgar, and at it's price of $22.50 (if my memory hasn't failed me) was a bargain as well as being perfectly prepared. we also had a mini(which seemed pretty large to me) lamb shis-kabob and a casserole of lamb stew and vegtables...all of these were excellent...By the way service was very helpful,friendly and effecient...Nilgin our server is a cousin of the owners ..indeed there seemed to be a lot of family working here...a good thing in my opinion. Finally we had Turkish tea (in glasses) rice pudding..more creamy with less rice then we were used to but very good tasting,nonetheless and an order of Kadayif...which i'm not going to try to describe except to say that if you ever thought Baklava was a sweet way to end a lovely meal...then you ain't seen nothing yet. Have i made it clear that ANATOLIA looks like a winner? It is ,and i really hope it can prosper in this economic climate

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                  212 s. Federal Highway....south of Palmetto on the east side of the have to go around in the back to park and you can enter from the back..........561 361 4000

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                    nope, Scouts Honor , just a regular customer In fact we're going back tomorrow night with children and grandchildren check us out we'll be outside around 7

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                      I have to agree with dickinboca about how good the restaurant is. I spent a month in Istanbul this summer and fell in love with the food. When I came back and found Anatolia, I figured it would be good enough to give me a fix every now and again. I was wrong, it's better. I have been 3 times in the last month and will be returning this weekend. I think the food is delicious, especially the casseroles and the cold mezze platter. I try and eat something new each time I am there. I have not been disappointed. The service is good. Not great. But the warmth of the owners almost makes it ok. I highly recommend a visit and trying a few new things. You won't be disappointed.

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                        Are they selling wine and beer now? I would love to go back there one of these days.

                        1. re: OysterHo

                          no...and it's very unlikely they ever a matter of principle.i think the byo is a plus,not that one was needed.

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                            You have a good point. Do they charge a corkage? I bet they don't. :)

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                              you're corkage and nice glasses....but the main attraction is ,as always,the food and the warmth and concern of the managment. Strictly by accident we were there last night after,what we thought was a very pedestrian,though favorable review in the Sun Sentinel..To address the review for a moment...we've never felt the food was ever salted or spiced beyond what the dish required and the fish dishes have been uniformly fine and a great value at less then $25 for a whole fish,plus sides. More to our point the dinner we had last night was great...started with the always terrific eggplant salad...chopped eggplant,onions,tomatoes some peppers and probably other things that contribute to it's flavor brightness.our second first course was a new dish of mussels in broth with diced cooked (just barely and perfectly) tomatos and long green spicy was wondrful and the appetizer portion was more then sufficient for the two of us.our third first course consisted of two of our favorites in appetizer portions the fried liver and the octopus....a surf and turf, for the more adventurous eater,We both have up until a few weeks ago avoided the liver,since "fried liver" as i think the menu describes it brought back memories of liver cooked by my grandmother to the consistency of shoe leather...we were dead wrong...i have no idea how they do it but what you get is crisp nuggets of perfectly cooked veal(?) liver sprikled with seasonings ..if you like liver at all this is a perfect way to have it. The octopus was perfectly griiled...bruhed with olive oil and lemon...we finished with tea and baklava.
                              Anatolia has in our opinion contued to build on it's already high standards..too many restaurants seem to start coasting after a while,but that is clearly not the case here...the kitchen seems even more skilled and the wait staff as enthusiastic and helpful as they have ever been. My wife remarked that there were many repeat customers...i agreed with here since as she was checking alll that out i took part of her share of the liver nuggets. I cannot imagine how Anatolia could have become even more welcoming...but it has..
                              by the way Nilgin is also neater then ever...if that's possile.

                              Anatolia Mediteranean
                              212 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432

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                                I've always found the reviews by John Tanasychuk in the Sun-Sentinel to be uneven at best and the new abbreviated review format has made all of their reviews less helpful. It's a shame because Judith Stocks was a pretty good writer when she was with the New Times.

                                Karen and I have been going to Anatolia for lunch weekly for the past month and we both really enjoy the food. We usually have one of the kebabs or a sandwich but this past week I tried their Lamb Sauté and was amazed at how good this humble dish was. A generous helping of good quality lamb chunks were cooked with vegetables, garlic, and seasonings in what looked like a simple stew. Served bubbling hot, the flavors melded together into something really special. I ended up using my bread to sop up the last of the gravy it was that good. The side of bulgar wheat is a tasty alternative to rice.

                                The service is friendly, efficient, and fast which is important when you have to be back to work in an hour.

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                                  Ok, I really want to go back there now. I'll have to do a little arm twisting :D My go-to list is getting too long. :\

              1. I wonder if they do delivery at lunch time to local offices?