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Jan 10, 2009 03:41 PM

Best Instant Ramen? (please do not mock me, pretty please)

I love ramen, but I'm feeling lazy & poor, plus, it's cold out. This thread is helpful, but it's over a year old, so I wonder if anyone has anything new to suggest.

I'm near many Asian groceries, I prefer less sodium and MSG, and I like seafood, vegetable and "oriental" flavors.

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  1. IndoMie Mi Goreng!!

    i also had a sharp transition from holiday slow cooking to instant ramen laziness. my SO is highly displeased.

    but mi goreng is so delicious!

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      1. re: dumpycactus

        Second the IndoMie MiGoreng (all the flavors except BBQ!). I add frozen peas/corn/whatever veggies to mine, in addition to the fried onions you can also find at the Asian grocery store (in a plastic jar), plus some more thick soy sauce (the sweet kind). They also make a good traditional soup ramen (curry chicken flavor). Good stuff.

        Don't buy Maruchen. Horrible...It's that cheap for a reason! You might as well just buy a bunch of Cup o' Noodles...

        My favorite since childhood: Tung Instant Rice Noodles, Onion flavor:

        The Tung is great for a chilly autumn/winter night. Poach an egg on top of the noodles while they're cooking in the soup...perfection. It's not ramen noodle and not fried, so much healthier for you. :o


        I always use the seasoning packets for every ramen pack. Sodium be damned (especially since I don't load up the rest of the day anyway), and I'm a supporter of MSG. Heh heh.

      2. No mocking here...

        Mama brand Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour. It is spicy and lemon grassy. I add a few peanuts for crunch. Wow.

        peace, and keep warm, jill

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        1. re: jill kibler

          I second Mama brand Tom Yum instant ramen. Throw in some napa cabbage, ground pork, an egg, and top with chopped green onions. Yum!

            1. re: huaqiao

              agree that Mama brand noodles are one of the best. I have them as a simple soup or stirfry with pork, garlic, cabbage, and celery, . yum.

              1. re: beekeroc

                +1000 on Mama Tom Yum. Probably so salt laden that my tongue will dry off and fall out of my mouth someday, but oh so tasty

            2. re: jill kibler

              I have to admit that I like the Mama noodles (pork flavour) [have had Tom Yum flavour before but if I am going to have Tom Yum I typically buy the real thing from the food hawker in front of my building]. I believe that the pork flavoured Mama noodles are sometimes eaten as a crunchy snack here (break down dried noodles - then add the spices -- no water -- and mix). Also done with other brands.

            3. oh... i should mention that Mi Goreng is probably msg-laden... there's also "Noodle King"; it's packaged in 2's, and apparently healthier (not fried). that's what my mum said, but i'm not going to investigate instant ramen. i thought it was good, but i only had the abalone flavour

              it looks like this:

              (i don't have any connection with the link, other than our mutual friend Google)

              1. Nissin makes good instant ramen. Not that Top Ramen crap but the line with the cartoon ramen maker on the package. The tonkatsu flavor is very good.

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                1. Sapporo Ichiban (regular)

                  and Shin Ramen (spicy)

                  but both are high in sodium i'm sure - try and use less of the package powder, still tastes good

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                  1. re: jpmcd

                    I tried Shin spicy after hearing positive things but I found it very one note, spicy.

                    1. re: KTinNYC

                      Try the Shin Ramen Black. It's a new version of the Shin Ramen - not as spicy and a little more flavorful. There are two different flavor packets, one is the spicy and the other is something I cannot quite discern. This is the best Asian style ramen I've had and it is usually twice the price of regular Shim Ramen. The noodles are also much different texturally. They aren't as hard and crunchy in the packet. Highly recommend.

                      1. re: js76wisco

                        I found Shin Black to be a milder, greasier version of the original. It did have a more beefy flavor, but the amount of oil was unpleasant. Though the noodles had a marginally better texture to them, they really weren't anything special like the Myojo ramen.

                        1. re: soypower

                          Can you let me know which Myojo ramen you recommend? It's unfamiliar to me and when I searched it came up with a bunch of different packages. I assume it's available in larger Asian markets like H-Mart and Mitsuwa?

                          1. re: js76wisco

                            See also this post in this thread and the subthread descending from it.

                            Try the several varieties yourself.

                      2. re: jpmcd

                        Ditto on the Shin Ramen spicy. I use half the flavor pack and it is plenty flavorful and very spicy.

                        On the other hand - Annie Chun's Miso Soup Bowl (you can get at Costco) is ramenesque. It is vile. VILE.

                        1. re: jpmcd

                          I'm also a fan of Sapporo Ichiban. Whenever the Japanese grocer has a sale, I stock up. If you're worried about sodium or MSG, grab a spice jar of the House freeze dried garlic and/or shichimi pepper and use less of the included seasoning pack.

                          1. re: jpmcd

                            Sapporo Ichiban for sure. Pretty much everything else is junk

                            1. re: demitasse04

                              "Pretty much everything else is junk"
                              Hmm, how many types have you tried?

                              1. re: huiray

                                I think anyone who has gone to college, exception mac and cheese devotées, has tried at least four or five varieties of ramen. Certainly the stuff available at non-Asian groceres is pure junk. I'm sure I've tried over a dozen though it's been a number of years since my last non-Sapporo Ichiban ramen. I must confess to having enjoyed Cup o' Ramen in my yüt.