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Jan 10, 2009 03:24 PM

where to go for yeshiva break?

NO FLORIDA THIS YEAR - we are looking for a short distance trip the week starting Jan 25. Our initial review came up with split rock resort, fernwood, great wolf lodge, and the rocking horse ranch - important for us to have Minyanim - reviews & other ideas are appreciated.

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    1. re: shoelace

      we're 5, two adults & 2 boys 13 & 9 - thanks

      1. re: bay1

        is it ok if the minyan is a drive? im seeing lots of stuff right near split rock, 2 bedroom places at decent prices, but youd have to go to the big jew community things
        one more question, are you looking for yeshiva week or the following week? i thought yeshiva week ended on the 25th

        1. re: shoelace

          Just a brief interruption, Folks, please keep it focused on the chow, discussion of hotels or resorts that offer Kosher programs is fine, but please, no discussion of lodging only.


        2. re: bay1

          I'm not a mathematician but that seems like 4 people, not 5.

      2. also interested in more info about the rocking horse ranch kosher program
        has anyone attended? how was the food? programming? rooms?
        any info is welcome!
        also - are those other places bay1 mentioned having kosher programs as well?

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        1. re: freedarachel

          Rocking Horse retains their usual cook, but makes everything kosher so the food is great quality. Everything is included including the hot cocoa after the sledding. It's just a great program, well-run, and a nice down-to-earth crowd of people. This was started by Queens people--cream of the crop in Queens.

          1. re: freedarachel

            we went to rockin horseranch many years ago whe nmy kids were younger. we really enjoyed it they even have a nursety/babysitting service to keep the really young ones entertained while everyone else is outside enjoying themselves. the food was great and the staff will treat you like kings. we had an incident that one of the staff at the ski shop didn't want to give us skis close to lunch and his supervisor came and told him that it is the guest that pay his wages. they have different theme dinners and the kids really enjoy. unfortunately my kids yeshiva is one of those that chose to give vacation this year after the ranch program. we still remember the evenings entertainment were the kids really get involved. would recommend to all

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Assuming that good or interesting food is part of what you want, you might think about cities.

              Brookline, MA, for example, stay in a hotel or B&B near the shuls and kosher restaurants, and do some of the great stuff Boston offers kids your boys age. Like the Science Museum and Children's Museum and Acquarium. I rate Rami's in Brookline one of the world's great falafel places.

              You could also do this in Baltimore. which had fabulous museums and the National Acquarium. Parking downtown is cheap, stay near the shuls and restaurants.

              Or stay in a hotel in Silver Spring and take them to the Air and Space, the Spy Museum and to sit in the gallery and see Congress in session. Dine at Pomegranate. And eat at the pizza Hut and Eli's Deli.

              As I say, it's a matter taste.

              1. re: AdinaA

                theres a kosher pizzza hut???????

                1. re: marissaj

                  No. Sorry. I was misremembering the name. Just a quite ordinary kosher pizza place.