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Jan 10, 2009 03:11 PM

My pizza stones keep cracking?

What am I doing wrong?

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  1. are you by any chance putting a cold (or even room temp.) stone into a hot oven? that'd make it crack . . . .

    1. also, if it was washed and any moisture is still in it, it can cause cracking too. Adam

      1. Mine keep cracking as well. I never wash with moisture, they always seem not crack in the oven. Can anyone recommend a good one that won't crack?

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          I had 2 pizza stones crack on me at different times over a couple of months. After the second one cracked, I was very frustrated and looked for an alternative. I found a cast iron pizza pan, which I mainly use for cooking pizza.

          1. re: djca2007

            I have a cast iron griddle thing too that's enameled on the bottom and really like it as an alternative to the stone. It's much thinner and less bulky, and with the handles is easy to get in and out of the oven.

            Sometimes I put a piece of parchment on top of it and use it for a lot of the same things I used to use the stone for, like baking a small loaf of bread or making or reheating pizza. And I don't worry about it cracking!

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            Buy a pizza stone from a Big Green Egg dealer. You can find them on eBay. (bbqfunstuff) They are designed to hold the high temps of the grill.

            1. re: grampart

              Do you have any experience with these grampart? 10 Year warranty looks interesting.

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                Would the type of stone make any difference. I have seen an add for a pizza stone made of Finnish soapstone:
                "H12004 Pizza Stone - Pizzakivi
                Size: 28cm round X 1cm (11 inches X 1/2inch)
                The pizza baking stone can be used both in the oven and on the BBQ. It makes the perfect crispy crust pizza everytime. It works by accumulating and then steadily releasing heat, just like a traditional stone hearth.
                Dishwasher Safe
                Hukka soapstone was created over 2 billion years ago under the immense pressure of the Karelian mountain range. Skilled craftsman make each soapstone piece.
                made in Finland.
                Price: $44.95 "

                1. re: mlukan

                  After going through 2 or 3 cheap stones, I bought one of these a couple years ago and find it to be the best.

              2. I bought a Tutto Italiano super cheap large square pizza stone on clearance about 9 years ago (I actually bought two at the time because they were so cheap and I figured I'd lose one to a crack eventually.) Well, 9 years later, the first stone is still going strong (lasted longer than the range we bought around the same time) and the second one sits in a box on a basement shelf. I almost never take it out of the oven (unless I'm using the self-cleaning mode) and I can't remember the last time I washed it. It looks fine, and I love it. (I don't even know if you can find these anymore - my point was more about leaving the stones in the oven....)

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                1. re: flourgirl

                  Yes. I have not had a problem. I leave mine in the oven for all cooking. Maybe they temper a bit when left in constantly. I also very seldom clean it and when I do it is just a brush scrubbing under water. Then, I wait days, maybe a week, before heating it again, being sure there is no water left in it.

                  It's a good idea to leave the stone in the oven. When you preheat an oven it means the air inside is hot, not the oven itself. Waiting longer with the stone in there means the stone heats up and retains its heat, so the heat loss when you open the door is not as severe.