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Jan 10, 2009 03:03 PM



I am a professional chef. My love in pans is All Clad they are very very expensive and to the weekend cook its a great piece of equipment and buy one piece at a time so you dont go broke. One should be a 10: non stick skillet its only use is for Egg dishes. As far as saute pans no smaller than 2 quart remember you can use a fry pan if needed unless you like to flip food over and over. Sauce pans 1,2,3 quart are the best, the 3 quart needs a cover for stove steaming only. A stock pot of about 4-6 quart size once you can attain a good stock all cooking is easy. Remember a stock is called a Fond meaning foundation the bas of all classic French Cooking.The all clad master 2 is the most expensive all all clad has cool handles so you dont burn yourself. calphlon in my opnion is the worst of all. uneven cooking surfaces, terrible company to call if there is a problem All clad backs up all their pans.

Good luck

this is an excellent site for food people P/P is terrible full of no nothing info.

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  1. If by "master 2" you mean Master Chef 2, aka MC2, this is actually the least expensive line of All-Clad, not the most expensive line. Also all the All-Clad lines are designed with handles that stay cool.

    1. If you are talking about Calphalon anodized
      aluminum, this actually has very good
      heat conductivity. That's a characteristic
      of aluminum.