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Jan 10, 2009 05:47 AM

Which Brewpubs Have Good Food?

yes lets switch this thread up into which brewpubs have good food.

the church brew works in pittsburgh has great pizza and pierogies!

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  1. Goose Island, Chicago, IL
    Dogfishhead, Rehoboth, Delaware
    Shed, Stowe, Vermont
    Long Trail, Bridgewater, Vermont (wings were particularly good)
    Triumph, Princeton, NJ (not as good as above, and stick to the standards, ie burgers)

    For the most part, I haven't had a bad meal at a brewpub as long as I stuck to burgers and beer. The fancier, more gimmicky ones have a tendency to have mediocre brews and food.

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    1. re: Caralien

      Lots of brewpubs do upscale (for me, at least) fare, but I'm looking for a good burger. And a good, hoppy ale to wash it down.

      1. re: Caralien

        i gotta say i was unhappy at the Triumph brewery in philly. it was expensive and at the time, summer, neither the beer nor the food was any good. i apologize i cannot remember the beers but i did the sampler and had all that was available in late august and wouldn't have ordered a pint of any.

        1. re: Mr Siegal

          Ive been consistently underwhelmed by Triumph and their beers. The food is a bit better but not much better than mediocre.

          1. re: yankeefan

            I have only been to Triumph once, but I agree. I was underwhelmed with both the food and the beer.

            1. re: afty698

              I like their rye beer, but they haven't had it in awhile. Great burgers though, as long as you sit on the ground floor or near the bar, otherwise the food is likely to be cold and the service elsewhere.

        2. re: Caralien

          Goose Island just hired John Manion (formerly the chef/owner of Mas) as their new executive chef and will be slowly be changing over the menu over the next 6 months to be more "gastropub". They are also planning on expanding their bar to allow up to 24 of their own beers on draught and another 6 on cask.

          1. re: LabRat

            I really miss their kettle chips. Mas closed? I haven't been back "home" since I moved 5 years ago...

        3. Harvest Moon: New Brunswick, NJ
          Dogfish Head: Rehoboth Beach, DE
          Magnolia: San Francisco, CA

          1. 5 Seasons: Atlanta, GA

            1. Stone World Bistro & Gardens has great beer and very good food. Definitely upscale food although the onion rings are great.

              1. Thirsty Bear Brewing Company in San Francisco - I had the best sandwich of my life there - hangar steak sandwich with blue cheese, along with garlic fries. Everything I ate their was great; menu is more of a tapas style. good stuff.

                Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Tampa - pretty decent beer with really upscale bar food. The burgers are really good, as is just about anything on the menu. The meatloaf is one of the best I have ever had and it became the template for my meatloaf. It has chorizo and beef and is topped with fried onion rings. Does it get any better?


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                1. re: UptownKevin

                  I'll agree with Kevin on TBBC in Ybor (Tampa).