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Jan 10, 2009 02:04 PM

5 choices, please help me pick one...

My husband is taking me out to a romantic dinner. He gave me 5 choices to pick form. They are all place we have not been before. Just to give you a sense of some of my favorite places-Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Bouley, Mermaid Inn, Nobu, Yasuda, Rhong Tiam, Henry's End, and Aquagrill.

Food is the most important, then romantic/cool atmosphere.

The choices are: Corton, Elettaria, Gilt, Mas, and Veritas. We won't be going for a few weeks so I have some time to decide. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks so much.

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  1. Corton. hands down the best on your list. elettaria does not even belong on that list... gilt, mas, and veritas are all ok but corton is at least 2 tiers above them... don't miss the smoked pasta.

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      Have you been to Veritas since Chef Gregory Pugin took over the kitchen in June? He came from Robuchon, we had dinner at Veritas not long after he arrived, and I would hardly describe the French cuisine he is serving as just "o.k." A more accurate description is stellar!

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        i have not been since pugin took over but the 3-4 meals i've had with 2 other chefs have been all good but nothing spectacular. i do have friends who went recently and have said it was as good as before...

        having said that i put corton in a near same class as JG and LB. it's the best new restaurant i've been to to this past yr and that includes Ko's lunch. contextually you can say mas, gilt, and veritas are either excellent restaurants compared to lets say a balthazar... or only "decent" places compared to the likes of el bulli, french laundry, etc...

        Corton is by far the better choice of the list...

    2. I have never been, but I have heard nothing but good things about Mas, and it seems like a much more romantic restaurant than Corton

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        I haven't been to Corton, but I ate a terrible meal at Mas several years ago, and when I posted about my experience several other CHers chimed in to agree that it was overpriced. I definitely don't recommend it.

      2. The best meal I've had was Blue Hill @ Stone Barns. It was romantic and fantastic - every aspect. It's a treat no one should pass up.

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          that is one of her favorite places, and the OP mentions the choices for this dinner near the end of her post

        2. Unfortunately Corton, which I had decided on is out, no reservations (we're going out the Friday night before Valentines day) So now it's down to 4 and I still have no ideas, looking at the menus I like Veritas, Gilt, ans Elettaria best.