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Jan 10, 2009 01:22 PM

Has anyone been to the Blue Door in St. Paul?

How is it? (On Selby near Fairview or Cleveland.) They seem to specialize in Juicy Lucy's and other sandwiches.


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    1. re: KTFoley

      Thanks for this thread. I had searched for it but somehow didn't find it. I heard they have a Widmer seasonal beer on tap that I like in bottles (called Brrrrrr, appropriately enough). So that piqued my interest in the place. Thanks.

    2. awesome burgers, awesome fries, friendly staff.

      the current Burger Of the Moment is ridiculously good.

      can't wait to get my T-shirt.

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      1. re: getgot211

        Has anyone had a chance to try the new Bangkok Blucy? It sounds interesting from the description.

        1. re: stephs7

          Friend of mine had one last thursday. She loved it. Said the coconut milk was hard to taste but the rest of the flavors were divine.

      2. Any first hand reports from Jiffy Blucy? it was tempting but i passed the last time i was in, and now im off meat for a while. pb and meat, anyone?

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        1. re: tex.s.toast

          For burgers - great! Burgers are not my norm, but the Blucy with blue cheese (good quality - maytag's?) and garlic was fabulous. Atmosphere, service fine. In my limited burger world, I would say it's on par with Shamrock, Bulldog, slightly under the bar when compared to Happy Gnome.

          1. re: rp1760

            I personally think the food at the Happy Gnome is not great, so I have to disagree with the above poster.

            We love the Blue Door. We've been there 4 times already. I HIGHLY recommend the Breakfast Blucy with cajun tots.

            The only downside is the wait, but then again it's more time to enjoy the fabulous beer list.

            1. re: LizzieB_MSP

              I know this thread isn't about the Happy Gnome, but I have to agree that the burgers are subpar. The two I have had have been painfully underseasoned.

              I'm actually thinking about going to the Blue Door for lunch today, so I might have a report later.

          2. re: tex.s.toast

            I tried the Jiffy burger a couple weeks ago and loved it. I also wasn't sure about PB on a burger but it was quite tasty. The PB was melted and the combination was great. I would definitely recommend it!

          3. I have been a number of times. Loud room, but cheery. I've had a couple of the the Lucys (I especially liked the coarse chopped garlic in the Blucy. The Jiffy Blucy was a lot better than it sounded),the Cobb Salad, the pub sandwich, and even some bean soup. I personally prefer the cajun tater tots or the fried green beans to the fries, but it isn't like there's something wrong with the fries. All has been delightful, the help is genial, the beer selection good to this beer ignoramus. The worst feature about the room is the way the door opens directly to the outside, which can be unpleasant in the winter.
            Overall, a boisterous and generally gleeful little neighborhood joint, not unlike the Nook in terms of the atmosphere, that delivers satisfying chow at a fair price.

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            1. re: ajs

              I've been to Blue Door twice. Once on a Tuesday, once on a Friday...The place is BUSY and like a pub, small in size. On the Friday, we happened to be there during happy hour - $2 tap beers (including blue moon) and $2 baskets of tater tots. Hmm...Tater tots are deep opposed to baked and you can get cajun-style. They're pretty good-but not "hot" just a little kick.

              I don't mean hamburgers..but my GF loves their burgers. She's had the jiffy burger and said it is surprisingly good. It is the balance of the sweet and salty so as long as you dont have major issues with texture (juicy, thick hamburger with gooey cheese in the middle, some on the top, with fixings and then PB) you're going to probably like it. Last time, she just had the breakfast blucy and dug that as well. I always get the pub sandwich. It's nothing excellent but it's reasonably priced and always satisfying.

              They only serve beer and wine. Thus far, we've been lucky-never had to wait.

              1. re: snoboardbabe77

                OMG 2 dollar Blue Moons is enough to get me in the door. I've had just about every good/great burger in the twin cities. I can't believe I haven't been here yet even though I only live slightly closer to the nook in distance. Is this place 2 yr old friendly?

            2. I just went to the Blue Door today (for about the third time), and I have to say I like it more every time. The burgers are very yummy (burgers are definitely the reason to go), and my husband loves the beer selection. What makes me really warm to it, though, is the attitude of the staff. Even though it's busy and loud, the staff is consistently friendly and welcoming. On our way out today, two servers and a bartender called out cheerfully to say goodbye and thank us for coming. Just makes you feel good to give them your business, you know?

              I would suggest going at "off" times, however. We went at 3pm today and every table was filled (we didn't have to wait, but the 3 parties that came in right after us did).