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Jan 10, 2009 01:17 PM

Spice Melange in Metuchen: avoid

This afternoon my husband and I partook in what was probably the worst Indian fare either of us has ever been presented. As it was our first visit to Spice Melange, it's hard to tell if this was an off day or the usual--but we won't be going back. The buffet selection was on the meager side, and what was available was categorically bad. What a waste of a lunch!

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  1. That's sad to hear. We had a lot of good lunches there when my husband worked 5 minutes away.

    1. Noya, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good time at Spice Mélange. Our experience was quite the opposite.

      We went to the lunch buffet during the Christmas holidays. As noted on the Spice Mélange web site, the choices are limited to five dishes, three of which are vegetarian. On the day we went, one of the meat dishes was chicken tikka masala; I'm afraid I don't remember the name of the other one, though it too was chicken based. If this is what you mean by meager, then I suppose you're correct. We found, however, that with the excellent side dishes, unlimited supply of bread, and desserts, we were more than content! All the main dishes were flavorful and the containers were kept full by the efficient staff. Service was very good throughout the meal - water glasses were kept full and empty plates were whisked away as soon as we got up for the next course.

      If I have one complaint, it was that the buffet was set up in a corner and the area became very congested if there were more than four people trying to serve themselves. They really should set up along one long table.

      Added in Edit: The price of the buffet is $10, a very reasonable amount considering the quality and quantity of food available.

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        We went on the weekend, so cost was $13 pp, I believe. And yes--choices amounted to a total of 5 dishes, which we did find meager relative to other buffets in general and other Indian lunch buffets in the area. Thanks for your comments--I'm chalking up the food quality to an off day...but I don't think we're willing to venture back anytime soon!

        1. re: noya

          That is unfortunate. Though the LUNCH buffet may not include 30 different dishes, it is FAR superior quality than others (read: Chand Palace).

          I have been there numerous times, and have always found the food high quality, very tasty, subtle flavors in each dish, and friendly staff.

          It never ceases to amaze me (or my indian friends who frequent the place)