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Jan 10, 2009 12:40 PM

Last Meal: Soho breakfast/brunch

Having one last meal tomorrow morning before having my teeth whitened at the britesmile in Soho. As you may know after whitening you're stuck eating white or clear foods only for 24 hours. Sucks. But I digress please help me enjoy one last meal of stainy foods (oh coffee I will miss thee on Monday) somewhere near prince/wooster with great food and reasonable prices. The earlier they open the better....thanks!

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  1. The closest place I can recommend is Grey Dog's Coffee, 33 Carmine St at Bedford St (about 10 blocks from Prince/Wooster), which makes lattes that I rather like, serves reasonably tasty breakfasts, and opens daily at 7AM. It's not cheap, I guess, but I've always left reasonably satisfied. There's some grousing at about a price increase, but you can judge for yourself from the menu found there if it fits your profile.