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Jan 10, 2009 11:56 AM

Looking For Molokhia In Manhattan...

Hello there,
My grandmother is Egyptian and she thought me how to make Molokhia. Can any one tell me where can I find fresh or frozen Molokhia in Manhattan?

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  1. i can't give you anything in manhattan, you might try kalustyans, but i do know of two places in brooklyn that have frozen molokhia. the first is the damascus bakery (Jay street stop on the F line) and Sahadi's, which is a couple stores down.

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      Both of those are closer to the Court St./Borough Hall stop of various trains (2, 3, 4, 5 on weekdays, R, M) than the Jay St. stop (A, C, F), though reasonably walkable from either.

    2. I seem to recall it as an occasional special at Pyramida, the tiny Egyptian take out location at 401 E 78 Street on the UES. You might give them a call and ask.