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Jan 10, 2009 11:31 AM

All-Clad Panini Set w/ Lid for $49.99 Shipped

While I'm on my cheap pans kick, I saw this one, too:

It's not the stainless steel stuff we're used to from them, it's anodized kind of like the Caphalon lines, but it's still pretty cheap if you're an All-Clad person.

I have a nice set of All-Clad stainless pots that I got as a gift a few years back, and I absolutely love them, but I'm not sure what I think of anodized aluminum quite yet.

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  1. What works just as well are 2 nestling cast iron pans ($20 or less from the hardware store).

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    1. re: Caralien

      I'd bet a George Foreman would work as well...but would be equally as attractive as those cast iron pans hanging out in the kitchen!

      1. re: sirregular

        the george forman wouldn't work as well--I've tried (doesn't heat as hot).

        Cast iron pans--they look good and work well, and are workhorses. I was lucky enough to inherit 3 from my uncle (from grandparents), and 1 from my MIL. Heat up each individually, use the smaller one to sear the top. Also great for grilled cheese (think Benny & Joon).

        1. re: Caralien

          The only thing I think of when I think Benny & Joon is walking 500 miles...

          1. re: sirregular

            Aaarrrgggh! Now I'll be hearing the Proclaimers all night!

            And I cast yet another vote for using two cast iron pans.