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Jan 10, 2009 11:12 AM

Sakura Asian Restaurant in Fords, NJ

There is a new restaurant that opened in Fords, NJ. It's called Sakura Asian Restaurant. It's got Malaysian food and from what I understand a sushi bar for $20.99/person all you can eat and it's BYO.

The address is 49 Lafayette Rd in Fords, NJ
Telephone # is 732-346-1688

Has anybody been there yet?

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  1. We haven't been there, but have been looking for good Malaysian food since the Asia restaurant in Kenilworth changed management. Is there a website to preview the menu? I can't find one online. If we head down, I will definitely report.

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      Hi, I don't think that they have a website. I didn't see one on their ad.

    2. I was just over there tuesday, i dont think they're open yet. also another asian restaurant being built RIGHT NEXT TO fox&hound in menlo park mall. i wonder if this will affect benihana across the street, and sakura is 1/4 mile from here.

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        I've been to both Sakura and the new one by Fox & Hound called Ichi Umi (one ocean).
        Ichi Umi opened this past w/e and is ONLY a Buffet for $29.99 (plus tax & tip cost us $75 for 2) The food was good and there was a lot to choose from. Personnally I think it was too much food for one sitting so I will not frequent this place. I prefer Sakura for the variety and like tonight .. called from work to place an order and it was ready for pick up on my way home. I love their spicy coconut noodle soup! They also do have all you can eat Sushi M-Th for $20. Don't let the exterior strip mall location put you off ... the inside is very nicely decorated.

        But my favorite Sushi place by far is U-Yee behind the Best Buy on Rt 1 Woodbridge. They have the best quality fish and generous portions. They have a list of 1/2 price rolls on weeknights and Sundays.

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          I tried U-Yee Sushi after your post. Forgot about this place, it has been there for years. It was a good lunch.
          The portions were huge.

          The restaurant was packed at noon, 6 sushi chefs handling orders.

          In addition NEVER seen loyalty like that before (except for Nicholas).
          Almost every customer that was seated around us knew the host, they shook hands, they laughed. It was like Cheers except Sushi.

          They also had an extensive Sake menu.
          Thanks for posting

      2. Sakura started out strong, but the quality has deteriorated rapidly. The last couple of times I've gone there, the chicken has been chewy and the service is just off. There's confusion about coupons, no one picks up the phone sometimes. When they first opened, they used really good, clean cuts of meat and the flavors were excellent and consistent. Now they are obviously using cheaper meat and the taste of the food depends on who's cooking that day. I really loved Sakura at first, but I'm not going back.

        1. DO NOT EAT HERE. i am a big fan of Yu-Yee but sometimes do not like to wait for a table so i have checked out Sakura in total 5x. the first few times, the service wasnt the best but the food decent. i love thai, malaysian, and sushi so going to one place for all this? why not! my yesterday was by far the worst service ever. i ordered #20 a noodle dish and they came out with the wrong order. i told them this is not what i ordered and they showed me the menu. then i told the manager to show me the other menu to point out it was different and he said, "u don't even know what you ordered" how rude!!! i showed him the other menu and i was right, there are 2 different number 20's also the restaurant insisted that all menus were the same. then in the back room, the manager started yelling at the waitress and cook. there were only 3 couples there while i was there so we can hear all the yelling... i told the manager i wanted to leave but he said he would give us a discount. the appetizers came and my bf's dish came too. we shared his dish while we waited for mine. in the meantime, this guy was screaming that his takeout was wrong and decided not to pay for it. 10 minutes later this french woman showed up for take out and was complaining she had been waiting 30 minutes rather than the 15 they said it would take. she stormed in 5 minutes later because she counted the food in the car and they gave her less than she paid for. meanwhile, our check finally came without the promised discount so we went up to the counter and asked for our discount because of order screw up in front of the lady and she chuckled. the manager then went to the back room again to scream at the waitress and cook back there. i then told the lady about YU Yee and drew directions to the place from Sakura on one of the Sakura business cards. Do yourself a favor, don't eat here. there is a reason this place is never full. the food has been bad lately too. the chicken just awful. who screws up chicken? my gosh.

          1. I was there about a week ago, there wasn't that much people but the food was great!!! Just the way they presented the dishes was very appetizing. I had the volcano pork chops and our waitress brought it with a fire on top, my friend had the thai pineapple fried rice and they had it on top of the pineapple, I mean they really put effort in their food not like other asian restaurant, they will stick a lettuce and call it the day..anyway, the food taste great very flavorful, it was a bit wait but it is worth the wait! My 2 other friends, which are sushi lovers, who would go state to state for sushi's said the sushi was actually good..prefers it more than the expensive ichi-umi, benihana's and uyee! All the sushis were 1/2 off which made it more great! I give this place an A++