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Jan 10, 2009 10:52 AM

Sashimi Grade in Calgary

Does anyone have any suggestions where to find the best sashimi grade salmon or tuna in Calgary? I currently buy from Billingsgate, where they have sashimi grade salmon and tuna, but the salmon is farmed, although it is very good. Does anyone know if any retailer has any wild salmon/other that sashimi grade??? Maybe T and T?? I did a search on this Board but couldn't find other posts that covered this, although I was sure that I saw something on this last year.

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  1. There's a Japanese and Korean grocery store beside Community Natural Foods on 10th ave and about 13th st. I'm not sure of what they stock exactly, but it might be worth a visit to at least try to ask them some questions.

    1. Wild salmon is out of season right now, unless you want to use frozen. When I want to get super fresh fish I go to North Sea Market. You can talk to City Fish as well, but they mostly do wholesale.

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        ALL sushi-grade fish is flash frozen to kill parasites... so it doesn't matter if it's out of season.

      2. Ya, T & T has sushi grade Salmon everyday in their sushi section to the right beside the bakery. However, I'm not sure if it's farmed.

        1. T&T market sells farm raised Atlantic Salmon for their Sashimi. Its a high quality cut that starts around 18 bucks and drops in price as it gets older. Only CIty Fish will sell wild Pacific Salmon but then again they only do wholesale. My guess is to try the fish vendor at the Currie Barracks or talk to your local grocer to find it for you.

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            Anyone can walk into City Fish and buy stuff with cash, you just have to know exactly what you want as it's not a retail environment where you can see what you are buying.