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Jan 10, 2009 10:21 AM

Poached pears for breakfast everbody!

So waking up to last night's failed 2nd attempt at a Genoese chocolate sponge, I decided to reach for a lower hanging fruit, no pun intended.

I whipped up some fresh cream, using non-homogenized heavy cream of course (Whole Foods) and an organic Anjou pear, carefully peeled with a serrated peeler. After bandaging my finger from the cut, which I gave myself using my new peeler, I continued onward with a very simply sugar syrup with no flavors.

Attached is the final result. The pear was poached very slowly, for over 40 minutes and has a wonderful tenderness and sweetness. I think next time I will use a lighter syrup prepared on the side. This one was cooked too long and as it cooled became a very pliable candy. I didn't have my candy thermometer out this morning so I was not really paying attention.

Enjoy :)

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  1. Im usually too hungry to wait 40 minutes to eat in the morning, but what a nice idea for a light lunch! Looks so delicious! Being lactose intolerant, I'd have to skip the cream, but no big deal. That pear, with some granola and non dairy yogurt, would work just fine. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

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      Great pictures, foodsmith. I only recently found out hubby likes poached pears (I can't stand them), so grabbed all the pears and my veggie peeler and poured the remains of a bottle of Poire William, water, and sugar in a pot, waited and waited, and waited some more for the liquid to boil down, and served them with some of the Ciao Bella ice cream I am hoarding. He pronounced them good.