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ISO Chicken Wings -- all kinds ...

Recently my girlfriend and I were out-of-town and had some really special “lemon pepper wings.” That has us both wanting to try all of L.A.’s special wings and therefore we need a list. The lemon pepper wings were not of the Hot Buffalo style but we like Buffalo wings also. Please include any style of wings that are a “eat with your fingers like the animal you are” kind of meal. I recall that Burger Boy has mentioned a place off the 10 fry (maybe Bar-B-Q style?) but I can’t find it. I hope he checks in here. Below is a list (in no special order) of some of the places I know of that make outstanding wings but I hope this list grows.

Pann’s (very large deep fried wings w/ waffles) http://panns.com/

Pioneer Chicken (very large deep fried chicken wings and get some jalapenos on the side
)5970 West Olympic Blvd
(323) 954-0454

Wings N Things Restaurant (Buffalo style Hot Wings -- Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Beyond Hot , also Beef on Weck)
18302 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-1311
(714) 848-2767

Tito’s Market (must try the Deep fried Hot Chicken wings which are NOT Buffalo style but have a light crust, Beef Empanadas, the Regular Sub w/ jalapeno, , Deep Fried Stuffed Jalapenos – OMG! – in fact I am heading to this right now to get some party food).
9814 Garvy Ave.
El Monte, CA 91733
(626) 579-1893

Link to the original Buffalo Hot wing place : http://www.anchorbar.com/

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  1. Don't laugh.........Hamburger Hamlet has great chicken wings *(before Buffalo wings were invented) the biggest wings I've seen. You can get their famous apricot sauce or the Buffalo sauce is pretty good. I get both....they're served on the side for dipping.


    214 S Lake Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    (626) 449-8520

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      Wings with apricot sauce? There was a time that the Hard Rock had that and Watermelon Ribs. but then they ruin the menu. Those were so good but now they are not on the menu. I will have to try Hamburger Hamlet. My Thanks,

      1. re: JeetJet

        Hamburger Hamlet originated the apricot sauce wings from what I remember, way before the Hard Rock Cafe came into existence. Ask for a side of the Buffalo sauce also. But, note when you have them how large the wings are. You get an order of 8 and its usually listed as an appetizer, but its a meal for me.

        1. re: monku

          Best chicken wings in town... always have been... and a cold stine of beer... yum!

          If anyone can lay their hands on a copy of the apricot sauce recipe, please post!

          1. re: elvisload

            Many years ago they used to sell it in bottles at their restaurants.
            I was somewhat privy to the recipe and the only two ingredients I remember were apricot preserves and soy sauce.

    2. Kyochon. I love those Korean Fried Chicken Wings. Went their yesterday and received a free box of Kyochon Kleenex, which had a coupon for 2 free drumsticks!

      Last year they gave us a Kyochon Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day!

        1. try out the pepper wings at Ruby Table, across the street from the wiltern on western.

          1. I've not seen the Hamlet wings - I'll have to try them - but the biggest ones I have seen and eaten are the ones at Pann's. Those "drumettes" are bigger than some fullsize drumsticks I've had elsewhere, and they're delicious, too. Nothin' fancy, just really good crisp fried chicken.

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              The Hamlet wings are big in general (bigger than Pann's) and one counts as the wing part and drumette and they don't disjoint it and count it as 2 wing pieces. You get 8.

            2. I love the classic flavor of Alondra Hot Wings, but they're pint-sized nuggets, not the monsters many seem to enjoy, so get more than you might elsewhere. "Hot" is just right for me, but you can choose from several heat levels. They also have locations in Montebello and Long Beach, but I like the Paramount store, because it's hard to spot from the street (enter from the parking lot behind the building -- check the google maps satellite view), thus discouraging tramping tourists from Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Downey.

              The wings pair well with their cheese balls -- mozarella wrapped in dough and deep-fried, pizza sauce on the side -- but I've never tried the pizza or anything else.

              All-in-all, a great, old-fashioned place, primarily take-out (at the Alondra branch, at least). The food would go well with a furtive high-school beer and that slinky girl you didn't want your college friends to meet.

              Alondra Hot Wings
              7906 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723

              1. Wing Stop has very good lemon pepper wings. They have various locations in LA.

                1. Costco !!!!! They got "Wings of Fire" and "honey garlic" and sometimes other flavors. They're in the freezer section and fully cooked. All you do is heat them in your microwave. They come in like a 4 pound bag and its real handy when you get that wing craving at home.

                  1. I definitely have to second the Kyochon recommendation. Really great wings - the spicy ones are pretty darn spicy, so watch out if you're not up for spicy.

                    Another unique Asian-style wing is at Furaibo. The wings are smallish, but they pack a really great peppery punch. They're not sauced, but they're very flavorful.

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                      Kyochon is not as spicy as it was in the beginning.

                      Furaibo is very good -- tiny, crispy, and delicious.

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                        Agree, Kyochon and Furaibo are my favorites!

                        Kyochon's wings are very flavorful, but beware of the grilled wings, those have a different "spicy" glaze, super hot and not as flavorful (IMHO) as the fried wings and sticks (in regular or spicy).

                        And Furaibo, don't forget to ask for them "extra spicy", which isn't very spicy at all, it's more like extra flavorful with a little kick.

                        What a delish assignment. I hope you'll report your findings on the wonderful world of wings. Enjoy!

                        1. re: debra

                          We sampled Kyo Chon's wings over the weekend -- both the spicy and the regular -- and found them to be too greasy. The batter was not always evenly distributed, and as soon as they began to cool, they were too heavy.

                          On the other hand -- although I am not an expert on all matter chicken wing -- I don't think I've tasted better chicken wings than those at Furaibo. Of course, I like to balance an order against something more healthy: several plates of their various veggie offerings...and they have some new ones.

                          It very well might be that at Kyo Chon, chicken wings is the meal, while at Furaibo, chicken wings is just one small plate among many. After just a few Kyo Chon wings, I was done, although not full. At Furaibo, the chicken wings are a nice touch to the rest of the meal.

                      2. The wings from the Curry House chain are remarkably good. Disparage the S&B corporate curry all you want - the wings are a treat here.

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                        1. re: Professor Salt

                          Is there a Curry House in Little Tokyo downtown?

                          1. re: Hershey Bomar

                            Yes, Weller Court on the 2nd or 3rd level. They have a take out place on the street level, but I don't remember seeing wings on the menu there, but then again I wasn't looking for them.
                            There's also one in Torrance.

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            You've also got to try the deep fried angel wings at Thai restaurants. They're chicken wings stuffed with glass noodles and ground pork and with a sweet dipping sauce.

                            1. re: Galen

                              I love angel wings and RCA in thai town offers them covered in panang curry.

                          2. As many times as we've been to Shin Sen Gumi, we had never ordered their chicken wings until the last time that we went and they were outstanding.

                            1. i'm surprised no one mentioned Big Wangs!

                              Big Wangs
                              1562 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

                              Big Wangs
                              5300 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

                              1. don't know if the search is still on but...Hot Wings on melrose...traditional buffalo style with diff heat levels.
                                7011 melrose ave (bet la brea and highland)

                                1. For the best wings in California check out Wingnuts. They have 31 flavors for their wings. Really terrific.

                                  1. I had some fantastic Pineapple-Chili Wings at Kitchen 24 in Hollywood a while back and I crave them all the time. However, I just went to their website and I don't see them on the menu. Maybe they are gone, or maybe the website is out of date.

                                    They were DAMN good.

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                                      Hot Wings Cafe in Glendale. A small chain with tasty buffalo wings.

                                      Hot Wings Cafe
                                      314 N Brand Blvd
                                      Glendale, CA 91203