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Jan 10, 2009 09:12 AM

Ex-pat bars in St. Petersburg?

We're leaving for St. Petersburg next Sunday - and want to watch the Presidential Inauguration on the 20th. Does anyone know of an ex-pat hang-out (bar or restaurant on or near the Nevsky Prospekt? (And yes, we'll be eating Russian food the rest of the time.)

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  1. I realize that this is coming to late for you, but the ONLY expat bar in Saint Petersburg is "The Other Side" downtown. I just wrote a post about it in another forum here. I'll repeat what I said there to save anyone from searching: INSIDER TIP - I have been living in Saint Petersburg for several years now. Almost every restaurant is terrible (unless you don't mind paying $300-400 a person for Noble Nest) - but there is one exception that you should try. Go to a bar called "The Other Side" downtown, and sign up for the Tuesday special (only happens one day a week) - you will get AMAZING Russian food for a reasonable price - fixed price 5 course dinner that is THE best in the city. Also one of the only places where you can find someone who speaks English. The owner's name is Doug, and he is almost always there.

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      Unless it's closed down (I haven't been to Petersburg for a year, I'm outside of Moscow now), the biggest ex-pat bar was City Bar on фурштатская (near м. чернышевская). It serves legit American food, and they have free wi-fi. The people that hung out there in the past were always a bit of a mixed bag. I used to live down the street, and I'd get sucked in for the free internet...