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Jan 10, 2009 07:56 AM

Vancouver - Feenies Alums ?

Seattle poster heading to Vancouver next weekend - Last time we were there was 2 years ago, and were wowed by Feenies -, and have followed the soap oprea from a far -

HAve any Alums opened up spots we should check out ? More in the idea of Feenies rather than Lumiere

Thanks !!!!!!!!


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  1. Marc-Andre Choquette is now at Voya. Have a look at some others here:

    1. Others that aren't mentioned:

      Jeremy Bastien - Boneta
      Poirer - Chow
      (fill in blank) - LIttle Nest

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      1. re: Cancuk

        Tina Firenzi at Flying Tiger
        Ned Bell owns Cabana Bar & Grille
        Guy Leggett is at Cru (hardly mentioned anywhere, but the two times I've been there i had really great meals and the wine list is great esp considering the small space.)
        Chow is gone
        Chow was also pretty good. Though not good value and the lack of parking made it hard to ever organize dinners at both Chow or Cru.

        I'd wondered what happen to Marnie Colham, Feenie's sous and co-author of his cookbooks and appeared on his tv show.
        asked feenies mom and she said she was working out east somewhere.
        i believe she is married to Chef Guy Leggatt at Sirocco Golf Course, not sure if they work together.

        imho, lumiere was the destination and feenie's was the add-on. as far as cooks are concern. you would want to hire the cooks that worked for lumierre's not feenie's.
        there is a dinstinct difference.. it wouldnt work for a feenie's cook to open a place like Lumiere's :-D

        2563W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

        Flying Tiger
        2958 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6K1R4, CA

        1. re: kfed

          Ned Bell will be working part-time/consulting at Crave Beachside (which was taken over by Dino Renaerts formerly chef at Diva. He also took over Fraiche, I hear.)

          JC Poirier is at Circa?

          1. re: fmed

            oops sorry no he is not. i edited my post. i meant to say they would have liked to have him. not sure where he is now... thanks for the correction. :-P

            1. re: kfed

              I heard Chile...but nothing confirmed.