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Jan 10, 2009 07:55 AM

edible Chinese food?

went to Maison Kam Fung the other day with high expectations. what's with this weird ratty looking pink "chicken" they use in their dishes? I normally only eat Chinese in the US and Ontario where you can actually identify the meat they are serving. I was going to get the duck but opted for a safe cantonese chow mein. Other than the squid, thick snotty glaze and limp veg, it was OK at best. my husband had the duck with 4 treasures - he was up visiting the bathroom all night. even the hunan dumplings were terrible. how can you screw that up?

is it a Montreal thing? I have been searching this forum and it seems so, even though I have read many recommendations for Kam Fung and other places like Ruby Rouge and Fu Kam Wah. Kam Fung came highly recommended but was a terrible disappointment. more mediocre Montreal Chinese food using mystery meat and grissly chicken. I've had better food at a buffet in Plattsburgh and countless restos in Ottawa and Kingston. what gives?!?

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  1. Would that be Hong Kong Jade or China Buffet Chen in Plattsburgh? The glaze at China Buffet is less snotty {:/)

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      I really don't think you can generalize that way, there has to be good quality chinese food in Montreal ; I personally prefer Orchidée de Chine, it's pricey but always fresh and consistent .

    2. It's not entirely clear from your post what you are looking for .. Maison Kam Fung and Ruby Rouge are primarly dim sum places. You can research these names and see if you find something you like: Keung Kee, Beijing, Mon Nan, Maison VIP, Deer Garden, Tapioca Thé. I grew up in Toronto's old Chinatown and have no trouble finding good, fresh Chinese food here in Montreal.

      Also, where is the good Chinese food in Kingston?

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        And also Cuisine Szechuan (Guy & Sherbrooke) & Restaurant Hong Kong (St-Laurent & La Gauchetiere). Lots of threads on good Chinese in Mtl if you do a search. :-)

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          I don't understand why Deer Garden is on your list, Plateaumaman. I'd heard good things about the place over the years, but my first visit, a few months ago, left me much less than impressed. Really ordinary, almost like stereotypical Canadianized Chinese food the way it was in the 70s.

        2. I will add my 2 cents. I think Mtl has very good chinese food; see above suggestions. However, most people that are used to American Chinese food, dislike our version. They feel it is too 'authentic', not 'junky' enough. At least, these are the comments I have gotten from American friends who have eaten here. It really depends what is your idea of Chinese food.

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          1. re: hungryann

            I agree that many people from the states don't care for MTL Chinese. A coupla years ago, a friend brought back 'real' Chinese from her previous home of Brooklyn. Typical take-out dishes like lo mein, spareribs, egg rolls, etc. She was absolutely ooohing and ahhhhing and we were unimpressed.
            Yeah, it depends on your idea. I also think its heavily dependent on what you are accustomed to (grew up with).
            I wouldn't rant based on one experience, like others point out, there are quality places out there.

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              You mean our Canadian chinese food is too authentic?

              1. re: BLM

                That's what my pals from the US claim. They never want to go for chinese here because it's not the same as in NY, Miami, Boston,... 'too healthy, not greasy enough and too authentic' are the comments I have gotten.

                1. re: hungryann

                  too healthy?
                  i don't get it. i've been to most places mentionned in this thread and what i get is ultra greasy stuff. i mean even a vegetable plate at, let's say deer garden/beijing/vip/niu kee is drenched in oil
                  not that i'm complaining, i enjoy it, but i don't get the "too healthy, not greasy enough" comment

                  1. re: Gontran

                    I have not taken them to the places you mention so I can't comment. When I was in NYC, they took me to some of their favorite chinese haunts and it was super greasy, way more than anything I have ever had here. They are not bad people, they just like super junky oily chinese american 'fast food'. :D LOL

            2. that pink crap is chicken thighs. I, personally, hate them, but they're everywhere :(

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                Cuuisine szhechuan or tapioca the :o)

              2. I think the pink "chicken" is real chicken dark meat, yet it was marinated. Why do they marinate and what do they use to marinate, who knows. The thick snotty glaze is just the result of overload on cornstarch and inadequate water.

                Kam Fung isn't popular for their "Westernized Chinese food". KF is only popular for their dim sum and they "plenty of space" atmosphere.

                p.s. Always go to a Chinese restaurant with a Chinese person :p