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Jan 10, 2009 07:53 AM

Saturday Indonesian Food Fair at the Duarte Inn IS BACK ON (Jan. 17th)!

For those who didn't see this good news that was posted by "indocrt", who also sent me an e-mail, the Saturday Indonesian Food Fair (Pondok Kaki Lima) that happens at the Duarte Inn WILL BE BACK January 17th.

They've got all the licenses and everything else squared away, and it'll be business as usual for every SATURDAY, 10 AM - 2 PM, in the foreseeable future.

They won't be around on January 31st though -- the vendors are relocating temporarily to Hacienda Heights for a separate Chinese New Year festival.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then let this blog post (with PICTURES) be a primer:

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  1. Do you know where they will be in Hacienda Heights? I would love to try them out and HH is so much closer to me!!!! Thanks!

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    1. re: chau

      I believe it will be held on the 31st, at Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon.

    2. elmo...

      any recommended faves or recommended strategy which order to hit the stands?

      thanks for the great post.

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      1. re: revets2

        It's all good. One vendor does an awesome soto betawi. His name is Adrian. It's a soup with beef tendon and other goodies. And Kristy Kup does the best gudeg!

        Also don't miss the durian milkshake!

        1. re: elmomonster

          So did anyone go last week in Duarte? How many vendors are there? Where do you park?

      2. great news. I've always wanted to check out the food fair. I've reviewed your initial posting and wonder in you opinion, what are the must try items? Thanks in advance.

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        1. re: anothernotch

          I just went last Saturday for the first time. A lot of the stalls serve the same thing so ideally, I'd love to go back several times and compare/contrast. I tried to see if any one stall was more crowded, but I couldn't see a difference.
          I had beef rendang (a classic dish), bbq skewers (sate), and kale that was cooked in a peanut sauce. All were really good. You should definitely get some fried items, but most of the ones I saw were just sitting out getting cold. Not the ideal way to eat fried stuff. If you spot any stall that is making them fresh, you have to get it.

          Actually, a couple other items were still cold or at least not that hot (probably made the night before and heated in the chafing dishes) so you may want to do what many Indonesian families were doing, which is taking things to go.

          1. re: CookieEater


            Thanks for the heads up. I happen to be a big fan of beef rendang so we'll have to give it a try.

            1. re: anothernotch

              Just wondering if any booth is serving soto ayam? Or padang dishes?

              1. re: soto i am

                Not being familiar with the cuisine, I wouldn't have known if I saw it.
                Hopefully someone with more knowledge can answer your question?

                1. re: soto i am

                  I haven't been since it reopened, but I don't recall anyone serving soto ayam, although a couple of places serve some padang dishes.

                  1. re: estone888

                    Thanks for the info. My second favorite would be the padang dishes. Have been missing this delicious cuisine.