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Jan 10, 2009 07:44 AM

Angry Whopper

I saw this on "The Impulsive Buy" and had to try.

I'm not averse to heat, but jalapeños scare me. So I ordered without. The "angry sauce" was pretty weak. To draw a comparison against another fast food spicy sauce, I'd say it's about a 1/2 the heat of lava sauce at taco bell. And that's not saying much, considering the lava sauce isn't all that intense. Surprisingly, the "angry sauce", through lacking in heat, does make up in flavor. It's decent and mixes well with the mayo.

The "angry onions" are really limp and weak. They don't really add much to the package. Obviously they look much better in the advertising, but in reality, they're tiny and flat and you can't really taste the texture of the "fried" aspect, so I'm wondering why they bothered.

The lettuce and tomato toppings are standard issue. (Though it would help if their team could realize that placing two tomato slices *right* on top of one another really doesn't help with even tomato distribution).

The pepper jack cheese, I believe, is also standard issue at BK for whenever they want to make a product of theirs "spicy". It's okay. And of course, they add bacon to the whole thing. Which is always fun.

Despite the subtle onions and the poor burger construction, the sauces go well with the meat, bun and toppings. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Follow up: order a value side of onion rings (only a buck) and manually add them to this whopper for a decent texture that the "angry onions" can never provide.

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    1. re: kkachurak

      Wouldn't the jalapenos make the Whopper spicier? Ordering without and then wondering about heat seems counter-intuitive.

      1. re: TampaAurora

        My concern for any lack of heat lied in the "angry sauce" and not in the lack of jalapeños. Though my GF just tried the angry whopper for the first time tonight *with* the jalapeños and she found it to be quite the right kick.

        1. re: kkachurak

          Wendy's had a spicy chicken sandwich a year or so back that had pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. I thoght that was quite a bit spicy. Didn't have the new Whopper yet, but it cleared up the mystery of the angry Whopper, since the sign was up a week before the commericial came out and I wondered what the H an angry whopper was, just PO'd workers ?

    2. Haven't been to Burger King in quite awhile but I can't let my fellow hounds down! Must research! Got drive thru last nite around nine thirty so that I could wolf down dinner and quick log onto warhammer. In my area they have whopper wednesdays but the angry whopper wasn't included but I got the angry whopper anyway and my friend got the regular whopper with cheese. Wow those peppers are hot! Well I was wide awake for my gaming session. I enjoyed the angry whopper but I agree that the angry onions were pathetic. I took one poster's advice and got a dollah side of onion rings and put a few on the sandwich. But the best fix for me was that my friend forgot to order no onions and took the raw onions off his whopper. I slapped them on my angry whopper and it was just the ticket. To me a whopper isn't a whopper without those crispy raw onions, angry or not. And the best part is that when I logged on I told my guild about the angry whopper and now they are all gonna try it. Doubt they will post here though, not many gamers on chowhound, at least that will admit to being gamers. :) Thanks for the nudge kkachurak, was good stuff.

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      1. re: givemecarbs

        Is warhammer the same thing as world of warcraft? In any case, I'd say gaming and chowhounding do not go well together. My son's guild has "bio-breaks," to take care of other physical needs. Pretty awful. For the record, I did have a character (is that the right word?) also called Glencora, but she got deleted. Never have had a Whopper, angry or otherwise. Maybe I will.

        1. re: Glencora

          Warhammer is similar to Warcraft in how you play the game, but there are some distinct differences as well :)

      2. bk will give you "extra" onions on a regular whopper. maybe also on the angry whopper.
        i usually get a junior whopper with extra pickles and onions.

        does the angry whopper have any sweet bbq-type sauce or any chipotle flavor? both would be deal-killers for me....

        1. I love spicy food, so I have tried the angry whopper twice now. I guess i would classify it as an annoyed whopper, rather than an angry one. In italian food it would not qualify as "arrabiata" The sauce is ok, not sweet at least, but hardly angry. Naturally jalapenos vary from one to another, and they also are not evenly spread, so one mouthful might be pretty annoyed, while the next bite merely irked. I agree with givemecarbs...the onion thingies (also included in a couple of the other specialty burgers - think bad version of durkees french fried onions) tend to disappear in this particular combination. I think I will ask for sliced onion if i bother to try it again.

          All in all I prefer the ortega burgers made by two or three of the local hamburger places better, but in a pinch its not a bad thing...

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          1. re: KaimukiMan

            kaimukiman, you are quite funny: "one mouthful might be pretty annoyed, while the next bite merely irked."

          2. Burger King almost certainly uses pickled rather than fresh jalapeños, so they're probably a lot milder than I'd prefer.

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            1. re: aynrandgirl

              The peppers had quite a jolt aynrandgirl but I am a pepper noob so they likely were pickled. Love the comments about annoyed and irked whoppers. Gaming and being a chowhound can go together, I love that supposedly the inventor of the sandwich didn't want to stop playing cards, and yes, I play a fantasy card game too. But for mmorpg games I do have to type in /quit. No hot pockets in my freezer, the classic video gamer's dinner. World of Warcraft is just evil to it's customers, Warhammer is the sequel to Dark Age of Camelot, it tends to attract more mature gamers, if those two words can even go in the same sentence. :)