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Jan 10, 2009 07:16 AM

Lunch in Montreal on way to Quebec City

I've always received great recommendations from everyone on this site, and just let me say thank you in advance. My boyfriend and I are driving from Western New York to Quebec City on Thursday, February 12 and were looking to stop in Montreal for lunch and to stretch our legs for a little bit. I was hoping someone would be able to recommend an area where we would be able to pick a lunch spot and be able to walk around for a while that isn't too far away from the highway. We don't want anything too upscale, just someplace with good food. Any type of cuisine is fine by us.

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  1. Bombay Mahal 1001 Jean Talon west. It's near the Metropolitain expressway and it's almost across the street from another restaurant that others on this board have been raving about., the Moti Mahal which is on Jean Talon at L'Acadie. For both restaurants you take L'acadie exit off the Met.

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      Are those restaurants in an area where we can just meander around for an hour or so to stretch our legs? We don't mind going 10-15 minutes off the highway if necessary.

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        Peit Alep might be a better fit. It's about 5 mins off the highway and across the street from Jean-Talon Market, a great area for strolling in the Little Italoy. Petit Alep serves syrian food and is quite delicious and a little be ore quiet at lunch than it is for dinner.