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Jan 10, 2009 06:53 AM

Storing Opened Yeast Packages

Once one opens a package of instant or active dry yeast, how long the can the leftovers be stored? How should they be stored?


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  1. I store 1-lb packages in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Just clip the foil yeast bag closed and place in a larger zip lock bag. I've stored yeast for more than a year and it still works fine. Just proof the yeast before use.

    1. Instant yeast can be stored for a year or more in an airtight container either in your fridge or in the freezer. I usually keep mine in the fridge just because there's rarely enough room in the freezer and it's still been fine nearly two years later. I'm guessing it might last even longer in the freezer. I often (but not always) transfer it to a canning jar.

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        Try to use your yeast up, and the dough is ready when the dough until it's ready - not necessarily when the recipe suggests.

        Antilope and JoanN - advise, I'll continue to store the jar of yeast in the fridge. I'd bee keeping my jar of yeast in the fridge. After using and being disappointed with some sticky buns, I checked the best before date. The traditional (not fast-risting or bread machine) yeast that I had stored in the fridge was best before Dec 2006. I made the brioche dough months ago and stored that in the freezer. Maybe that was the reason why the buns refused to rise more.

      2. When making the non-knead bread that only calls for 1/4 tsp per loaf, I just cut the corner off a package, pour out what I need, fold over the corner and close it with a small clip. I haven't noticed any deterioration over a few months.