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Jan 10, 2009 06:11 AM

Dinner Near Convention Center

Hey y'all, I need suggestions please for a tasty but not super-expensive dinner near the DC convention center tonight. I am entertaining visitors from Northern Cal so they are likely to have broad food horizons.

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    Corduroy is right there, but probably too expensive -- if not, a good choice.
    Do you know the area? You'll probably want to head towards Penn Quarter....

    1. Everyone defines "super expensive" differently, but if you can get a reservation at Corduroy - GO. I think the food and ambiance are first rate - and it's about as close to the Convention Center as you can get. A little further afield (just south of the CC) is Acadiana, which does a nice job interpreting cajun/creole cuisine. And a little further west, Brasserie Beck is great for Belgian food in a lively atmosphere with a fabulous beer list. Unless the weather is horrible, both Beck and Acadiana are walkable from the CC.

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        Thanks. I want to keep it to about $30 to 40 a head if that helps.

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          Corduroy will be too expensive then. And depending on what people order so will Acadiana and PS7 (both excellent restaurants in the area).

          Oya usually has some sort of a 3-course meal special for around $30. I've been happy with my meals there.

          Gallery Place/Penn Quarter is very close to the Convention Center and there are great restaurants in that area. For your price-range I would recommend Jaleo or Matchbox.

      2. I second Oya, Matchbox, and Brasserie Beck. I would also add Oyamel or Poste to your list. Acadiana and Corduroy will be too expensive for what you're looking for.
        I went to Vegetate, which is vegetarian/vegan, the other night and it's only a few blocks from the Convention Ctr. They offer apps, small plates, and entrees, as well as a pretty good wine list. It was very affordable and everything we had was good.
        Good luck!

        1. I did Vegetate on 9th street about three blocks above the Convention Center. If you are into vegetarian food, it is not cheap but certainly less expensive than other places that have been named. And it meets the criterion of being within walking distance of the Convention Center.

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          1. re: BookGuy

            Thanks everyone! We ended up spending the bucks on Corduroy and were very happy. Every dish was delicious, the service was outstanding, and it was'nt crowded or noisy even though they were busy.