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Jan 10, 2009 01:49 AM

Delicious decaf coffee (beans)

I know, I know, decaf isn't very chow-ish. But I need to avoid caffeine for medical reasons. Where in NYC (or online) should I be buying my whole beans? Darker roasts are preferred, and I brew mostly via stovetop expresso maker, and occasionally with a french press (and more rarely cold brewed).


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  1. For online suggestions, please post on our General Chowhounding Topics Board. Thanks!

    1. I'm very fond of the house decaf blend, which is a mixture of lighter and darker roasted beans, and the decaf French roast at Garden of Eden. They have stores on 14th St., 23rd St., upper Broadway, and in Brooklyn Heights.

      1. Absolute favorite is the Gorilla Decaf Mexican Chiapas...available online and retail at 97 5th Avenue at Park Place in Brooklyn (near Park Slope).

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