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Jan 10, 2009 12:08 AM

Cafes and Bakery in Eastern Beaches

Am arriving from Auckland for 3 days - am designing my eating program (on a budget ). Staying at Cogee and would like a light lunch/ bakery for the day we arrive with good coffee and pastries.

Any suggestions? Have been to Cafe Bazura a number of times so something else would be good. Unfortunately Iggys on Bronte is not open (we arrive Tuesday). So far we plan to go to Billy Kwong, Bird Cow Fish, Spice I am - perhaps Bill's - over the 3 days.

Many thanks.

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  1. Go to a Fish called Coogee if you are staying in Coogee. It's a budget fish restaurant with another branch in Paddington. You can eat really well for under 20 bucks.
    Also, make sure you check out the Book Kitchen if you are in Surry Hills.

    1. There are other great cafes in bronte - i usually choose based on the specials. Though I find the coffee at Jennys disappointing.
      Best Eastern Suburbs breakie is at Trio in Bondi, you might ahve to wait for a table - but worth it - - but if you;re on a budget, head to north bondi to Speedos cafe, well cooked food in a buzzy little spot with people still dripping from their surf,
      Best hidden cheap gem is definately Spice I am. Bird Cow fish can be expensive - I had their meat pie special - over $40! for a pie! but ye, it was damn good.

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        Went to Trio - twice. It was very nice, the service good and the view gorgeous. Not too crowded as we were there on Monday and Tuesday. Had the platter and a glass of wine one day and eggs and toast another. Thanks so much. Also went to Bird Cow Fish (a bit dissapointing. Gnocchi over-cooked). Loved Billy Kwongs , Bill's not so good and also went to great African place (Kilimanjaro in Newtown).

      2. The coastal walk joining the eastern beaches is wonderful (and also very easy), so I would suggest walking to Bronte's Bogeyhole cafe for a cooked brunch and/or to Tamarama's beach cafe for a fresh juice and snack. The latter doesn't offer marvelous pastries, but they have good paninis and the ceasar salad is great. It is also the best positioned beach cafe in sydney, in my opinion - kind of like a little shack fronting my personal favourite E. beach.

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          Thanks teacup - did that - what a great walk. It was very hot but so beautiful. Too hot to have a cooked Breakfast at Bogeyhole so had their museli with berries - which was so great have started making my own museli since I got back to NZ.

        2. Thanks so much for suggestions. Possibly misleading to say "on a budget" rather am not the usual chowhounder going to Tets for dinner and aria for lunch! Just that my tight NZ$ wont stretch far!