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Visiting Santa Monica for a month

Hello all...I am visiting Santa Monica for a month and would like a few suggestions for restaurants (some casual, some fine dining). I am staying at Wilshire & Beverly Glen. I'm here with my wife and we are in our early 30's and like lively, fun spots with great food and wine. Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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  1. Just an FYI... that's not Santa Monica, that's Westwood/West LA/Century City area... here's some recos that are all over the map in terms of price and to a certain extent geography

    Assuming you have a car...
    for breakfasts
    John O'Groats
    head to Primo's on Sawtelle for buttermilk bars
    Bread and Porridge or Snug Harbor
    Porta Via in BH

    for really casual quick lunch
    Eduardo's is at Santa Monica and Westwood
    in Westwood, Sunnin Lebanese Cafe
    Bay Cities Deli (if you head into Santa Monica)
    if for some reason you're in Hollywood, try the Griddle Cafe for over-the-top
    Food on Pico
    heading into SaMo, try Tacos Por Favor or Tacomiendo, and Monte Alban

    for semi-nice/casual
    sushi sushi
    il pastaio

    for nice places
    you're so close Craft
    Upstairs 2 on Cotner
    in Beverly Hills, Spago and Wolfgang's
    the new Montage chef's table :)

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      Great list. I would add Nook(West LA), Venice Beach Wines and Gjelina(Venice).
      Can I ask what brings you to LA for a whole month?

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        Emme, thanks for all the suggestions!
        citizenx, my wife and I are here from Vancouver visiting her parents. We have a new baby and are taking some time off work.

    2. I love going to The Border Grill for their happy hour at the bar, its fun and lively, with great prices and the quality of the food is deserving of a try!

      Also for a great ambience, check Whist at the Viceroy. You can head to the bar or a table and you will be very pleased!

      For something thats a little secret, check Enoteca Drago in Beverly Hills. They have an amazing wine selection and the carbonara is to die for! I frequent the place for their extensive wines by the glass, ah the Brunello. You can go big at this place or keep it minimal. Its patio is great for people watching when weather permits.

      1. Just down the street in Venice try 26 Beach for a great burger or some of the best french toasts in the city. 26Beach.com

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          if you get any one of the great burgesr at 26 beach they will throw in either a salad or fries; get the fries.

          also, their extensive menu of declicious entree salads should not be overlooked nor should the fact that they serve raymond chardonney by the glass.

          ambiance there is shabby chic, so it actually feels like a date restaurant with extremely reasonable prices;

        2. You are right down the street from the Apple Pan! Delicious. Closed on Mondays.

          If you are in Santa Monica, go to Musha.

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            Musha is fun. Just went to Riva a few blocks away and it was very good. The monkfish dish is a real standout for me.

          2. Bodega is a great wine bar to visit!

            1. one of my favorite places for breakfast is The Rose Cafe in Venice ....they have a self serve area and a sit down area in the back with a different menu...I usually eat in the sit down area....try the eggs San Pietro......they also have one of the best fruit bowls in the city....17th Street cafe on Montana Ave has great food for breakfast and lunch...for a romantic dinner ...Locanda Portofino on Montana Ave ..great very authentic Italian food excellent wine list...on Abbott Kinney in Venice try Three Squares...they also have a great bakery next door

              1. Somebody mentioned Apple Pan ~~ wonderful

                Go to Neptune's Net on PCH in Malibu for fun

                Patrick's Roadhouse on PCH too ~~ GREAT breakfast

                Venice for sure for real California

                Have a wonderful time

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                  thanks everyone...i'm heading to Mako on Sat night. Will let you know how it is!

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                    Mako was great! The bartender poors stiff drinks!!! The wife and I got loaded. haha.

                    We shared a bunch of stuff (can't really remember much due to adult beverages we were served).

                    Overall, a good experience.