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Jan 9, 2009 09:25 PM

Chicken and Waffles in Austin

With Tony's Southern Comfort now closed, does anyone know where to get chicken and waffles in Austin? A friend told me Starlite Cafe has it occasionally, on Sundays during brunch, but they weren't recommended.

Anywhere else? Gene's and Lola's both have really good fried chicken wings, but no waffles I'm aware of. If anyone has a tip, please let me know!

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  1. There's one place which might be a possibility--The Waffle House, somewhere off 71 heading towards the airport--seems like its near an RV Park...

    Speaking of 71, there used to be a place on Ben White that did this. IMHO, there's simply not enough demand in Austin for this combo, otherwise you'd have places like Magnolia doing it.

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      The Waffle House you speak of, taliesin15, is at Riverside and 71 East but I don't believe they serve chicken with their waffles. I mean, they might have chicken strips but based on the hasbrown scramble I once had, I wouldn't expect the quality to be any better than Sonic's.

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        thanks for the replies. that's a major bummer.

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        Roy Henry's Chicken & Waffles! How I miss it...a few years ago I got an excited phone call from a friend who lived nearby that one of our favorite restaurants had returned. Alas, not long after, I got a second call that, on further inspection, it was not to be. The bbq place that followed RHC&W in the old fast-food building it occupied had its sign blown down in a windstorm, revealing the old Roy Henry's sign underneath.

      3. Could you settle for pancakes and chicken? Because Hoover's on Manor has them and they're goooooood. You can get ho cakes if you want (cornmeal pancakes) and choose your kinds of chicken.

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          I actually went to Hoover's for breakfast last weekend, and it was disappointing. It was mostly a problem with the service, but it affected the food. I had the fried chicken and sweet potato pancakes, but I asked if they could bring a side of the honey sauce that they use for their honey dipped fried chicken. The waiter said that he would do his best. I finished my cup of coffee in the first 5 minutes, and did not get a refill until after the food had come out a full 30 minutes later. The food was delivered by a person other than the waiter, and it was obvious that the food had been sitting for quite a while because the chicken was barely warm. The person making the delivery pointed out that my sweet potato sauce was on the side (it's normally served poured over the pancakes), as I had requested. When I pointed out that I had not requested that, but that I had actually asked for a side of the honey sauce, he looked confused, so I explained it all in detail. He said that he would get a side of that sauce for me. Ten minutes later, he returned with a side of sauce, but it was another side of the sweet potato sauce for the pancakes. Not to mention that I had mostly finished the cold chicken by that point. I never did get the honey sauce.

          When the waiter finally made it around to refill the coffee, he only filled our empty cups halfway full, then continued on to other tables offering the last of the coffee. I imagine that he was trying to be fair by doling out that last precious ($2.20 a cup) coffee evenly among the patient customers, but, in anticipation of my long-overdue refill, I had already added to the cup my normal amount of sugar and cream for a full cup, so I ended up with half a cup of extra sweet and creamy coffee.

          I can understand such sloppy service if the waiters are overworked or harried, such as when they get an unexpected rush or when other waiters call in sick, but that was not the case on this day. The waiter spent minutes at a time standing in view across the room and talking to the bartender and the other waiters. I'm a fan of Hoover's, and I'll definitely go again, but I was pretty put off by that experience. Cold chicken and cold pancakes that wouldn't melt whipped butter, along with 11/2 cups of mediocre coffee (I was never offered another refill) for just over $10? I think I'll mostly stick to dinner from now on.

        2. Starlite had it advertised for their brunch when i was there last. That was a couple months ago.

          1. I was talking to the Chef at Paggi House and they will be bringing back the Chicken Waffles.

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              I'll definitely check it out! sounds awesome

            2. I'm waiting for Paggi's Sunday brunch. The chicken and waffles there were always good unless you happened to get the last few waffles in the chafing dish. Then they were a bit tough, from the moist heat. The chicken cured many a hangover of mine.

              I miss Tony's chicken & waffles!

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                nobody but nobody makes the chicken & waffles like roscoe.