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Jan 9, 2009 09:15 PM

Steelers Fan Club in Los Angeles

I am hosting an event for high school classmates (Mt. Lebanon 1978) at a "Steeler's Bar" in the Los Angeles area. Although it's got rabid Steeler fans at the games every week, it has no authentic Pittsburgh food/beers. Can you PGH 'hounds provide some advice on food to serve at this event that would make us feel like the party was actually at a bar in Pittsburgh. I have been away from PGH for over 25 years. I know about the "all-in-one" Primanti Bros. sandwich. We are allowed to bring our own food into this event at the bar so please help me out with some ideas. Thanks.

Here we go Steelers, here we go.

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  1. I am trying to get this moved to Pennsylvania Board.

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        I would say that chipped ham BBQ would be a must. Just have the deli shave (chip) a good quality ham and then add Heinz Chili sauce and ginger ale to taste, and add a dollop of Heinz pickle relish.

      2. Keilbasa sandwiches. Drain sauerkraut then rinse and squeeze it dry. Put it in the crock pot. Add onion slices, caraway seeds, and beer. Chopped apples are optional. Stir around and add kielbasa cut to the length of you buns. Nice dark mustard on the side.


        Hot sausage sandwiches. Get Italian hot sausage. In the crock pot. Crushed tomatoes, onion slices, sliced bell pepper, and the sausage which has been cut to the length of your buns. Have lots of napkins on hand.

        For the next game, thinking positive, you might like to wear one of these tee's.

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          Pickled Eggs. Hardboiled eggs with pickled beets...

        2. Hoagies, but to be like a Pittsburgh hoagie they need to be fresh out of the oven, not sure if that's a possibility for you? I'd absolutely say hot sausage or kielbasa sandwiches as per yayadave.

          Rolling Rock and Yeungling seem to be pretty popular around here too.

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          1. For picky-type bar food, how 'bout Dutch platters? Get some block cheese, cube it up, along with some ring jumbo (bologna) and pickles, or even gardinera (pickled veggies from a jar). Ooh and stuffed banana peppers. Stuff banana peppers with crumbled hot sausage, bake in oven and melt some provolone cheese over. I know this is a little late, but I got a feelin'-steelers goin to the super bowl! After they beat Baltimore of course!