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Jan 9, 2009 08:27 PM

Best treat, savory or sweet, that is worth splurging calories for

For those people who overindulged over the holidays and are on a regimen to rid themselves of those extra pounds, please share your favorite, over-the-top delicious, can't-live-without treats that are worth splurging for!

Some of mine include:

Bomboloni from Sullivan Street Bakery
Raspberry-custard filled donut from Bouchon Bakery
Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes
Clinton Street blueberry pancakes
Patisserie Claude pain au chocolat
Soft serve from McDonald's (haha, yes I know, very silly, but so good!)
Crostata di zucca from Grandaisy
Cherry cheese strudel from Andre's Hungarian Bakery

I can't think of any more right now, but will post again when I think of them.


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  1. individual cheesecake at Eileens Cheesecake on Kenmare.
    Halvah at Russ and Daughters
    Financier at Ceci Cela

    1. Pretzel Croissant at City Bakery
      Pizza Bianca at Sullivan St Bakery

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      1. re: xigua

        poppyseed hamentaschen from Moishe's
        pastrami sandwich on rye w/side of fries from Katz's

      2. Candy bar pie, Momofuku Milk Bar
        Soft serve, Chik-fil-A
        Salt bagel with veggie cream cheese, Tal Bagels
        Lemon cupcakes, Buttercup Bakeshop
        Popcorn pudding, Dirt Candy
        Ricotta fritters, Morandi

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        1. re: LeahBaila

          I've never had any of these. Candy bar pie? Popcorn pudding? I am at a loss for words....

          However, if you enjoy lemon cupcakes, I strongly recommend the LemonLemonLemon from Batch Bakery.

          1. re: vvvindaloo

            At a loss for words?
            Been meaning to try Batch for a while, thanks for the tip on the lemon cupcake.


        2. everyone hates on Magnolia, but their banana pudding is to DIE. true.

          1. Kati Roll
            Porchetta Sandwich
            Ditto Banana Pudding at Magnolia.

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            1. re: bussy26

              actually, did you know that magnolia bakery uses a box mix for their pudding?

              my opinion on the best pudding in nyc is at sugar sweet sunshine. it is 100x better than at magnolia and they also have, in addition to banana, pumpkin pudding, chocolate pudding, and piggy pudding. SOOOOO good. you guys seem like pudding fans, so you have definitely got to try it!