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Jan 9, 2009 07:25 PM

Chicken & Waffles in BK

Chicken. Waffles. Simple enough. Where can i get a decent place in BK (hopefully remotely near Carroll Gardens, but I am willing to drive)?

Anything but Buttermilk Channel. Thanks!!

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  1. Off the top of my head I'd try the three blocks, Fulton Street, Dekalb Ave. and Myrtle Ave. running from Ft Greene to Bed-Stuy, even Bushwick. I have no names but those would be the most likely places. Otherwise, Saratoga Country Kitchen on Atlantic Ave. I haven't had their chix and waffles but if it's anything like their fried pork chops I imagine they're pretty good.

    1. Little House on Clinton near Myrtle.
      Cafe Shane on Washington a few doors south of Tom's.

      1. bristen's eatery in prospect heights on franklin ave

        1. Actually, No. 7 in Fort Greene has chicken and waffles (a la carte) at Sunday brunch. Definitely more of an upscale version, as an homage to the neighborhood perhaps, but damn good.

          Found this on flickr: