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new to ossining area

Hi Folks!
I am new to the Ossining area and I am interested in finding some new casual dining spots for my fiance and I . I also love to eat baked goods so if you have an ideas for places that have great doughnuts or cupcakes like me know as well.

I used to live in the city and I used to go to places like Crumbs and Doughnut Plant and their goods were fantastic. I am sure their are great things here in the Westchester area. Please share!


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  1. Welcome! I live in the northern part of Briarcliff Manor, near the edge of Ossining. I am also from the city but spent 5 years in Yonkers before moving up here. You can do some searches for similar threads but here's some quick ideas that pop into my head
    Wobble Cafe--Ossining, good for everything: breakfast lunch dinner, really good desserts, very casual and cute. Caveat--some of the hot sandwiches can be greasy.

    Jean-Jacques--French bistro/patisserie--Pleasantville, nice to pick up a tart or to stay and have cappucino and a croissant, really good soups, sandwiches, etc. Caveat--some baked goods look better than they taste: blueberry muffin, brownie were good, caramel pecan tart disappointed.

    Moonbean Cafe--Briarcliff Manor, looks so cute and inviting but has always disappointed me: watery cappucino, uninspired muffins,

    Landmark Diner--Ossining, good for pancakes and waffles

    I know others will chime in with Ossining stuff... there is a place called Quimbaya that I think has good coffee and baked goods........2 places in Briarcliff are casual and supposed to be good for burgers: Squire's and another places called Briar's (or The Briar). There has been debate on these boards about Orfino's in Briarcliff but I like it for casual fresh pasta. The patio is also casual and I think their big salads and burgers are good--breakfast has smallish portions.

    Enjoy and let us know what you discover.

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      Welcome to the 'hood. I agree with Jessheslin's recommendations and will add:
      Wobble Cafe does have homemade to order donuts.
      Quimbaya on Main Street has terrific coffee, hot chocolate, Colombian pastries, arepas and empanadas. Further down Main Street is Doca's, a good Portuguese restaurant which is BYOB for now. Around the corner on Spring Street is a Portuguese grill, Churasqueira Ribatejo, which is good for no-frills moderately priced grub.

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        Docas has a huge bar, but it's byob now? Did they lose their license somehow?

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          They did lose their license--the owner claims it's temporary. Strange...

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          thanks marge. anymore places for a late night snack. everything seems to close early around here.

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            As a lifelong NYC resident before moving here, I feel your pain--everything does close very early around here. The only place I know of to grab a snack after 10pm is the Landmark Diner across the street from the Arcadian shopping center, I think they're open till 1 am--it's actually a pretty good diner, imo. They do a good breakfast too, but the funkiest breakfast place is Wobble Cafe.

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          speaking of breakfast any more hearty breakfast locations? We love country inspired breakfasts like grits and homefries. Any suggestions?

        4. To clarify, The Patio is a separate restaurant in Briarcliff Manor, it is not the patio of Orfino's!

          1. Welcome to Ossining! I have been living here for almost 3 years now, and I love it. While Ossining itself is not a culinary mecca (though it does have its gems), its proximity to other towns is a huge plus. Here are some thoughts....

            Ossining proper:
            Quimbaya- Colombian coffee shop with excellent sweet and savory pastries. Do a search on this board for more details. An empanada and one of their specialty hot chocolates would be a perfect first-time order.
            Farmers' Market- May through December- We are extremely lucky to have this wonderful farmers' market in town. Vegetables, fruits, eggs, grass-fed beef, fish, pickles, wine, baked goods, and other specialty food. Catch the new twice-monthly indoor farmers' market in Briarcliff Manor until the Ossining farmers' market opens in May with a handful of the same vendors. http://www.communitymarkets.biz
            Brasserie Swiss- We have been just a handful of times to this very unique restaurant where a husband and wife duo cook up Swiss specialties. It's very homey and cute, but pricey-- one of a kind in Westchester, though. I love the duck.
            Stop and Shop- This brand new supermarket has replaced Food Emporium in Briarcliff for our grocery shopping. I am one of those people who really enjoys food shopping, and this is almost as good as when I used to go to Wegman's in Binghamton.
            I'll let others comment on the several Portuguese restaurants in town; I haven't been yet.
            Wobble Cafe (mentioned by Jessheslin)- This adorable, family-oriented cafe has healthy and vegetarian options, and is particularly good for breakfast, I think. http://wobblecafe.com/ They also have a location in the Ossining Library, though I haven't checked it out yet. (While you're in the library, go up to the top floor for some breathtaking river views!)
            Ossining Pizza/Gelato- The pizza's ok, but the gelato is the real draw. Very popular, especially in the summer months.

            Yama Fuji Sushi- consistently good neighborhood sushi, not a destination, but nice to have in the area. http://www.yamasushimenu.com/

            Especially in warmer months, Pleasantville is a wonderful place to go have dinner, eat dessert, see a movie, window shop, and stroll.
            -Jean-Jacques (as Jesshelin mentioned)- I agree that the baked goods often look better than they taste, but the butter cookies are great. The big draw for me is that they're open late (11 on weekends), and you can sit forever with no one bothering you. http://www.jean-jacques.com/
            -Bollywood Bistro- while it's not excellent, it is a solid choice for Indian food in the area, especially if you are in the neighborhood catching a movie at Jacob Burns. http://www.bollywoodbistrodining.com/
            -Bisou- The owner hails from Payard. I haven't been in a while, but I had some yummy croissants there.
            -Lucy's Lounge- My favorite (and one of few) bar in the area. http://www.lucys-lounge.com/

            Posting this, then continuing...

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                thank you for your time. Keep me in mind if you find any other new places

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                  No problem! The crowd at Lucy really varies from 20something to 40something. It's very laid back.

              2. Croton:
                Umami- This is a neighorhood favorite. It has a quirky menu with an Asian influence. The truffled mac and cheese is amazing, and we also like the duck quesadilla and evil jungle prince (Thai curry).
                Blue Pig- While the flavors don't rotate as often as I'd like, and the service often leaves something to be desired, this is the best ice cream in the nearby area. In the past few months, I've tried coconut butterfinger and pumpkin, both amazing. Standards are some technicolored flavors intended for the kids (avoid) along with their "dam" dark chocolate, which is sooo decadent.

                Mt. Kisco:
                La Tulipe- since you mentioned being a sweet lover (me too!) I have to mention La Tulipe. La Tulipe is AMAZING!!! Their beignets, macarons, butter cookies, croissants, muffins, etc., are out of this world. The cakes are a little fancy for my taste-- my favorites are the beignets and macarons. This tiny little hole in the wall is truly a gem. It's easy to miss since it appears from the outside to be a private house. In the summer they have gelato too! http://www.latulipedesserts.com/index...
                Pour- Pour reminds me of 'ino. http://www.pourmtkisco.com/ They have a nice selection of wine by the glass, along with simple, delicious food like meatball sliders, panini, antipasti, white bean dip, etc. Dessert- grilled nutella panino. Yummmmm.
                Mt. Kisco Seafood- the guys here are great, and they have a nice selection of fish.http://www.fishcellar.com/homemks.html

                Sleepy Hollow- Just down Route 9 in Sleepy Hollow, you will find a number of other options, including Santorini for Greek (which as of late has received mixed reviews on CH, but I have enjoyed it in the past) and Que Chula es Puebla for Mexican (again, mixed reviews as of late due to slow service, but an option nonetheless). http://www.quechulaespueblarestaurant...

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                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  thank you so much you and I seem to have similar taste buds . Keep me posted. By the way if you like brisket and chicken try Qs in Mt. Kisco. I've been to the portchester location and its great

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                    have you tried the purple monkey in ossining for ice cream?

                    1. re: shoekittykat

                      I tried 2 things at the Purple Monkey: banana frogurt (good but not worth the high price) and the plain frogurt--hoping for a Pinkberry experience and it was inedible--tasted like wallpaper paste!
                      I had Gifford's ice cream somewhere else though and it was good. (At a friends so I don't know if it was as overpriced as the frogurt.

                    2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                      Quick note on Que Chula es Puebla...I tried it a couple of weeks ago for the first time. My friend and I were the only people in there for lunch at 1 pm. It probably took 50 minutes-1 hour to get our food. It was worth the wait, and I'd go back again, but just make sure you have enough time!

                    3. Gold fish in Ossining is a wounderful restaurant. It's a little more than casual but the food is great and the atmosphere and decor is great. It will make you feel like you are in the city!!! If you are into a fun night out The Tuscan grille in Briarcliff has a great bar on Friday nights with kareoke and you can eat at one of the tables in the dining room or the bar! It is a great casual spot

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                        Isabella's at 107 Main Street in Ossining for very good thin crust pizza.

                      2. Haven't been (plan to this weekend), but have heard good things about the Thai place in Sleepy Hollow, in addition to the Greek and Mexican prevously mentioned. Gelato at the pizza place in Ossining across from Millwood Lumber is quite good (while their pizza is not good at all). Other in my condo development like Mauro's in Ossinning for northern Italian.

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                          Some of their slices are better than others. I tend to get the specialty slices. I really like their chicken scarpariello and chicken marsala slices, so that's what I always get when I go there. Can't report on the rest really.

                        2. I agree with most the recommendations here. Also, really great is Loni's Fish and Chips.

                          Fairly priced, straight up fish and chips. We love it.

                          It's kinda tricky to see. It's up route 9 about 2 miles or so past the intersection with route 133/ Main St. in Ossining - in a small shopping center on the right hand side if heading north on 9. The sign is blue I think.

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                            Agreed - straight up fish and chips, and Lonnie (a postal worker in "real" life) and his family are very nice. Do try to patronize this small, locally owned biz. It's on Route 9, on the east side of the road (on your right as you go north) just south of Cedar Lane. The litte shopping center (laundromat, physical therapy place, etc.) is up a steep little driveway.

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                              thanks.I used to live near city island and I miss the fried shrimp dinners I used to get a Johnny's . I get home late and often end up eating out during the week

                            2. Highly recommend Brassarie Suisse on Croton Avenue.
                              In Sleepy Hollow, the Thai restaurant is excellent.
                              In Montrose, try India House.

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                                Anyone been to Portobello in Cortlandt (just sound of Montrose/Buchanan) lately? Not exactly Ossining, but has had some good reviews on Zagat, for what that's worth... we went early on, had a good experience, but haven't been for 3 years. Also, anyone know anything about the new Greek place near the Croton/Cortlandt A&P? (Where Rocking Horse used to be?)

                                1. re: Nancy C

                                  I'm very curious abou tthe Greek Place-- it was in the latest Clipper, which I have since thrown out. Where exactly is it located again?

                                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                    Go north on Route 9/9A, get off at Montrose/Buchanan/Cortlandt exit (next after Senesqwa Road exit in Croton). Down the ramp, turn right at the traffic light, and Greek place is on your right about 150 feet ahead.

                                    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                      Hi Ice cream!
                                      Ive been following some of your recommendations so here is another question for you. I really have not eaten alot of greek food. I have eaten a pasta dish one but that is about it. What do you recommend and why.

                                      1. re: shoekittykat

                                        I'm not an authority on Greek food by any means... but what I've liked at Santorini and other similar places (haven't been in a while) is avgolemono soup (chicken with lemon), greek salad, hummus and pita, spinach pie in phyllo (spanikopita), and baklava. I'm not sure if those things are strictly Greek or more regional. I'm definitely curious to see how the place in Croton is.

                                        1. re: shoekittykat

                                          3 cheers for lemon soups and spinach pie - I made these both from the Joy of Cooking last weekend, and they were awesome.

                                          Other Greek food worth trying (and it's all related to the various other Mediterranean/MidEast foods) include Pastisio (meat/cheese/pasta casserole), grilled fish, octopus or squid salads, kabobs, tzatziki (cucumber/yogurt/dill sauce). Pitas, if they are made fresh in a restaurant, are awesome. I don't like that fish roe dip (don't remember the name) but the chickpea hummus, if made right, is the Greek equivalent to guacamole in my book. And somehow, I always like the roasted potatoes and overcooked green beans that most Greek restaurants serve.

                                          Gotta go try the new place in Croton, soon!

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                                        cortlandt is not far from me but Ive never ventured there, any other good restuartant other that portobello which you just mentioned

                                        1. re: shoekittykat

                                          Cortlandt is huge, so I'm going to stick with the few places that are somewhat near to Croton/Ossining/Central Peekskill that I THINK haven't been mentioned yet in this post.

                                          Places we've liked lately (do a search on the tri-state board and you should be able to get more comprehensive info)

                                          Julianna's in Cortlandt (yummy, good assortment of pastas, meats, salads, etc.)

                                          12 Grapes in dowtown Peekskill (has some good dishes, a good bartender for mixed drinks)

                                          Zephs in Peekskill - funky setting, well-done food, sort of expensive

                                          Ocean House in Croton (BYOB, kind of pricy, but yummy seafood)

                                          Memphis Mae - not perfect barbeque, but good if you are needing a mid-winter fix 'cause your grill has snow on it! Sides particuarly good.

                                          Taormina - red sauce Italian near the Peekskill Train Station. Friendly staff, good food and prices.

                                          1. re: Nancy C

                                            i second julianas...very good

                                            1. re: corky

                                              See my review on another thread of the Boathouse in Ossining. A very nice addition to the neighborhood. Now if only I can get further into the menu than the yummy soups and salads...

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                                                I like the place in Ossining callled cidade cafe. They just opened last fall right next to Doca's on main street. They have their own bakery which bakes wonderful Portuguese pastries, cookies at the site. Their lunch are very reasonable and authentic. You can get great lunch for under $10. Highly recommended.