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Jan 9, 2009 06:36 PM

Help in Iowa City!!

Hi all,

Family is in from out of town, and wants to take us out for dinner. Looking for a place in or around Iowa City that has good entrees between $15-$20 other than Devotay (went there last time, they want to try a new place). One Twenty Six, Motley Cow, Linn Street Cafe, Vesta, Givannis, all a little too expensive (their entrees are between $20-$30)...other ideas? Taste on Melrose?? Tuscan Moon? Red Head? Augusta?

Thanks for the help...

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  1. Try House of Lords in Coralville on First Ave. Iowa River Power. Mondos on the strip is reopening around the 17th. That might be a good bet. Wig and Pen on the strip also re-open soon. Man, the flood did some serious damage.

    Good luck.

    1. Augusta is a good value, great food. Taste on Melrose is great food, but pricier than you're looking for. Haven't tried the others, but I love Augusta. Well worth the drive.

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        Augusta--the winner of Iowa Pork Producers Best Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. Got some cajun up there as well.

      2. Linn Street is a good alternative. You will find the prices in the range you mentioned, although not all on the menu. I am not from IC but always enjoy Linn Street and Melrose. The owner and chef at Melrose is a small town Iowa boy. You would enjoy the "Iowa" experience at that place. I have found that at both spots just ask for something off the menu and they will accommodate your family within your price points.