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Jan 9, 2009 06:30 PM

Which H-Mart Plaza restaurant is easiest for non-Koreans?

I want to try one of the new spots in the H-Mart Plaza, but am a little intimidated. Donna? Anyone? good suggestions for which spot to try first for dinner that will not be overwhelming and we will be able to decipher the menu? (I'm much less intimidated about Chinese, even with my rudimentary mandarin skills!)

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  1. First of all what are your dislikes?

    I would actually say the Tofu Korean Restaurant just outside the north door of H Mart is your best bet. Two dishes are standouts and would be good for a first timer. Dwejigogi Soondubu (Spicy Tofu Stew with Pork) is excellent and dosn't really have anything wierd in it. The other is Dolsot Bibimbap (heated stone bowl with rice crisped and covered with bulgogi beef and veggies). This is a really good dish and my wife enjoys it a lot. It seems to be the staple for those new to Korean. The panchan or "appetizers" are about 7 strong but are refillable if you ask for them. The best ones are of course the kimchi and the oi (cucumber pickles).

    As for the places inside they have a variety of soondubu or bibimbap minus the panchan. They seem to be about $1-2 less and have no table service (it is all self serve). For the $1-2 more I would spend it and be relazed with no people staring at your while the scour for fruits and veggies. The interior is also nice at Tofu as they revamped the old TxDOT space. There are very few anglos eating there but the servers are all very nice and very pleased you are dining there. The menu has english translations underneath....the only two are korean pancakes wich had different veggies in them. There is a young guy there who could tell you the difference. Also ask for water if you don't like buckwheat tea....I don't think they have iced tea that we are used to.

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      thanks, lh, i'm not completely new to korean cuisine, and love bibimbop, but i'm not sure how english-friendly these restaurants are. i ate at the food court at h-mart, and i'm sure there is better...does the tofu restaurant have a distinctive sign? and english name? (just to make sure i get the right spot) i do want to try kimchi pancakes...

      btw, there is little i do not like to eat...

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        Well the English is pretty slim but you can understand them. The food at Tofu is definitely far as signage it is about 3 doors away from the entrance to H-Mart where the "vendor" mall is. It does have an English name Tofu Korean Restaurant.....there are only two other places in that corner one is Wang which has a frog on the sign and the other is next to the bookstore. Tofu is before you get to the Yogurt shop and Vietnamese place...if you passed thoes you have gone to far. I thought the pancakes were very good...but coupled with panchan and your entree you will be doing good to stomach a good slice or two of it (I believe there are about 8 pie shapes pieces).