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Jan 9, 2009 06:29 PM

Closest excellent pizza to Wilmington, DE?

We moved here in July and have yet to find a good, let alone great, pizza in and around town. We have tried Paris Pizza (which makes a delicious chickensteak sandwich fwiw), Claymont Steak Shop, Cafe Riviera, and even resorted to ordered a pie from the local Papa John's. Very sadly the latter produced was the most edible of the four pizzas we have consumed over the past few months.

We live about two miles north of the city and two miles south of the PA/DE state line. Next Saturday we are having a casual get together with family and friends and plan to order pizzas but have no idea where we are going to buy them from. I would be willing to drive up to 30 minutes in any direction as long as the pizza is going to satisfy our guests and make it worth the effort.

Please tell me that a great pizzeria does in fact exist within ~20 miles of our home!

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  1. In the Brandywine Hundred vicinity- Season's, Nino's, Grotto's, Bertucci's. Of those I prefer Nino's or [gasp] Bertucci's. Galuccio's just in the city off Augustine Cut Off has good pizza. Pizza by Elizabeths is our favorite "gourmet" pizza. In Newport is Dom's which has a very good NY style thin crust pizza and my favorite.

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      I'm going to have to agree to disagree with you on Season's & Ninos. I find their pizza to be very bland and more like bread with toppings than like pizza.

      That being said, I am a huge fan of Dom's, as well as Alpha Pizza on Rt 4, which is a total mom and pop shop with a thick greek style pizza that I've become addicted to.

      Here's a link to a thread from when I moved to DE with a long discussion on local pizza. Thanks!

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        I was just stating that there was a Seasons in the vicinity, I haven't eaten there. I have had decent Nino's but they might vary from place to place. Haven't had in a while but, Lamberti's on Phila. Pike had good pizza too. I'm on a serious thin crust jag and looking forward to trying Mazzella's.

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          Mazzella's is very good. I've noticed the crust gets a bit soggy when we go overboard on toppings (marriage=compromise:) ), but I am picky about my pizza, and it's one of only a few places around here I like.

          Nick's Pizza Subline is across the street. We got pizza from there once a few weeks ago and it was also pretty decent.

    2. Try Mazzella's on Philadelphia Pike, 762-8722. Best thin crust pizza ever, awesome entrees, sandwiches just OK. They are closed on Sundays and very busy the rest of the time.

      1. Mangia Mangia on Lincoln St has excellent pizza and a website. The crust is tasty and fresh (not think, not thin), tasty sauce and the ingredients are really,really fresh. Very nice pizza and it is never greasy. They aren't open on Sundays tho.

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          Thanks for your replies, it is heartening to know that good pizza is made in the vicinity. At the moment I am trying to decide between Elizabeth's, Mazzella's, and Dom's.

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            I was not aware that Gerardo's was back open and in their original location on Union Street. They had an excellent pizza but cannot currently speak for it, a situation I wish to soon rectify.

        2. A little bit of a drive for you but the best pizza I've had in northern Delaware is at Tony's Cafe, north of Newark at the intersection of Possum Park and Paper Mill Roads.

          1. Yeah, I was gonna say it may be a trip for you, but Cafe La Terrazza is the best I've had recently. Great tasting sauce and legitimate toppings, thin crust and not greasy unless you get pepperoni! It's near the DE park entrance off Kirkwood Highway, in a little shopping center behind some exercise place. Let me know if anyone tries it, I think it must be my little secret!