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Jan 9, 2009 05:54 PM

Bomba rice in Montreal?

Has anyone here seen Spanish Bomba rice anywhere in Montreal? Bomba is the preferred rice for paella.

A lot of stores carry Matiz Valenciano paella rice "arroz tradicional," but it's not Bomba. (Matiz does distribute Bomba, but I've never seen it here.) But I'm out of Matiz and I'd like to know if there's any Bomba out there before I settle for the "tradicional."


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  1. Les Douceurs du Marche at Atwater usually has it. They are sometimes out of stock, but that's where I've been able to find it on a fairly regular basis.

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      Score! I snagged the last bag in the house! (Although they have lots of Calasparra rice as well.) Thanks, Cherlymtl!

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        I was downtown Montreal and decided to stop in at Poissonerie La Mer, at 1840 Rene Levesque est. to buy the seafood needed to make a fine Paella. That is where I found the much sought for, "Bomba" rice from Spain.
        Once at the cash don't forget to buy the Saffron. They have two kinds, both are from Spain, one is 4$ the other one is $8, the pricier one is the way to go, compare and you will see the difference. I have tried both and the $8 saffron is well worth the price, it is so strong in flavour, you have to use less... Bon appetit.

    2. I was walking past Boucherie St-Viateur today - no, they aren't on St-Viateur, they are a Latin-American butcher's and grocery at the corner of Beaubien and Casgrain. They had several bags of Bomba rice, La Fallera brand $8,25 for a kilo.

      Do tell us if it is worth the price!

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      1. re: lagatta

        Seems that Bomba rice has become rather easy to find in the years since blork first started this thread. Besides Boucherie St-Viateur which also carries other types of Spanish rice, you can find it at Libreria Espanola as well as at various gourmet shops and certain supermarkets.

        I'm still scratching my head as to why this thread was bumped since no one has felt the need to inquire about bomba rice in the last five years.

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          No idea. I confess I didn't even notice the date of the original post, and more important, the gap of several years. I happened to see it walking by, which might be useful for people in the Petite-Italie - Petite-Patrie area, and it is a short walk south of JTM.