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Jan 9, 2009 04:52 PM

Afternoon Tea in LA area.

Afternoon Tea in Los Angeles.

Afternoon tea.

I am looking for an original English afternoon tea in LA area... Looking for one with Canapes, desserts, scones with clotted cream and of course a good tea.

Thank you all.

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  1. For a traditional afternoon tea experience I would highly recommend Afternoon Tea at the Bel-Air Hotel in Beverly Hills, the Biltmore Hotel downtown LA, the Tea Room at Huntington Gardens, or the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Huntington Park (Pasadena). DON"T go to the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey as they have modernized everything. I was there yesterday and was very disappointed with the experience. The service was great but their new fangled hip and modern ideas took away from the traditional English tea feel. Instead of traditional china settings, tea is now served in large glass cups and poured from a glass teapot. Both were reminiscent of the old thick Pyrex glass teacups. The 4 miniscule pastries were served on modern glass plates. Also, the ambience was somewhat cold. I suppose they're trying to attract a more hip clientele. Further, I didn't think that 4 delicious but ridiculously tiny cakes (1.5in x 0.5 in) and one tea bag were worth the $30 price tag. No scones or canapes in sight. The Afternoon Tea at their Pasadena hotel, however, is wonderful - well worth the drive. Hope this helps.

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      The Ritz Carlton served tea bags? You are kidding? If you are not, it reminds me why I prefer to make tea in my own kitchen.

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        I just went to the Bel-Air hotel and thought it was overpriced and I wasn't wild about the food (although the lemon curd was good as was the scones). I've heard good things about Rose Tree and the Huntington (although have not been). Also, the Peninsula BH has a harp during their tea.

      2. The most traditional tea I know of in LA is probably at Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena. It's run by an older English couple, and has sandwiches, scones and sweets, much of it homemade. They serve a house tea.

        Another nice tea is Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena which also has sandwiches, very good scones and desserts. They offer a good selection of tea.

        My personal favorite tea at the moment is at the Gordon Ramsay at the London, but it doesn't quite have the feel of a very traditional tea. Small but very good selectinon of tea, and best tea sandwiches I've had in LA. Scones and desserts are also very good, but I will note that they don't have clotted cream (it's whipped).

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          Do you remember the price of the afternoon tea in Rose tree cottage in pasadena?

        2. Excellent choices thank you all for taking the time to post in this thread.

          I am taking notes :)

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            I've only been to Scarlet Tea Room and Gordon Ramsay, and also Jin Patisserie which is not quite so traditional.

            Btw the three STR is the most traditional, presentation-wise (review here:
            )More tea choices, and the tea is actually great, but they leave the leaves in the pot to keep steeping and refilling w hot water which I don't like so much.

            Gordon Ramsay has the best scones ( w/ better sandwiches and sweets, and is $4 cheaper.

            Tea and sweets-wise though I think Jin Patisserie is the best.

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              Great reviews, thank you for sharing with us. :)